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 The golden wedding scene is decorated with the most elegant and refined romantic wedding
1:34 PM | июн. 11, 2018
Gold is romantic, elegant and intoxicating. It is also the most suitable wedding theme for September. If you're planning an elegant and romantic gold wedding, take a look at the following golden wedding arrangements.A large number ofGolden wedding decoration - invitation cardWhen it comes to invitations in a golden wedding setting, many couples may not understand. But invitations are an important factor because they are the first impression of the wedding guests. So couples should be careful when choosing invitations, and be sure to match the theme of your golden wedding.Overall colorGolden wedding decoration -- whole colorNow that is a golden wedding, the overall color of the wedding should give priority to with gold, and of course to join some of the other elements, if only gold, that is too monotonous, and it's easy to cause visual fatigue to the guests. A color that matches and sets off with gold. For example, red, white, blue and so on, relatively warm colors are more suitable.Gauze curtainGolden wedding decoration - veil curtainGauze curtain is quite important in a wedding, the romantic atmosphere of wedding must have gauze curtain foil ability appears soft and beautiful. The place that gauze curtain can appear adornment on the wedding scene also has a lot of, wait for the ceremony stage of new person for example, T stage, sign in desk, welcome a guest area. Especially in some places that have lamplight, it is ok to set off lamplight more soft and beautiful incomparablyThe lightGolden wedding decorations -- lightsIn the decoration of the wedding scene, the lighting should be paid special attention to. What kind of lighting is required for different links, both the bride and groom or the person in charge of wedding preparation should communicate with the lighting engineer in advance. Because lamplight should cooperate a few color of the scene to adjust, such ability achieves best result.Read more at:short bridesmaid dresses uk |royal blue bridesmaid dresses uk

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