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Chinese style bride hairstyle dish hair steps the collocation that notices hairstyle and face shape
10:50 AM | июн. 6, 2018
Now form a variety of wedding, but common Korean brides hairstyles and European bride hairstyle doesn't attract the attention of new people too much, it is the traditional method of Chinese style style restoring ancient ways favored by a lot of new people. Therefore, today, we will bring you a unique Chinese style of bride's hair cycle, more hair and face matching skills analysis.Step 1.2Chinese style bride hairstyle dish hair step 1.21, the entire head of hair clip make fleeciness status of corn processing, and then rolled into the hair with a curling iron big volume, if do big volume status is 32, can choose to use a curling iron, roll degree are more relaxed;2. Comb the hair on the top of the head backwards with a comb to support the roots.Step 3.4Chinese style bride hairstyle dish hair step 3.43. After combing the hair on the top of the head, tie the hair on the upper part of the back area into a ponytail. In this step, it is important to note that the top hair area must have radians, so as to facilitate the processing of the following steps.4. Then divide the hair of the ponytail into three strands, and change the three strands of hair into three strands of braid respectively.Step 5.6Step 5.6 for Chinese brides5. Then divide the remaining hair under the ponytail into three parts, and also make a loose three-strand braid.6. After weaving the rest of the hair into three strands of braid, the three strands of braid on the ponytail are then twisted up and fixed with clips, which must be stable and stable.Step 7.8Step 7.8 for Chinese brides' hairstyles7. After all the three braids on the ponytail are finished, the three braids on the lower part of the ponytail are also arranged in the same way and fixed;8. Divide the bangs into middle sections, and then weave the hair on both sides of the middle sections into relatively loose three-strand braids. The braiding method is the same as the one above.Read more at:light blue bridesmaid dresses | forever yours bridesmaid dresses uk

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