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Korean bride makeup painting process to solve the single eyelid trouble
11:21 AM | июн. 4, 2018
Folds the bride on the makeup look can choose Korean bride makeup, the bride Korean brides can highlight eye makeup look attractive, let below small make up take a look at Korean bride makeup drawing steps, which bothers you folds.Korean bridal makeup painting step 1Remove the eyelid from the bottom mould.Korean bridal makeup painting step 2Clean around the eyes and wipe with a blotter after washing.Korean bridal makeup painting step 3Put double eyelid to stick in the most suitable place away from oneself eye ministry, cannot stick too high, the position is proper good.Korean bridal makeup painting step 4Use a stick to hold your eyelids together for about 2 to 3 minutes.Korean bridal makeup painting step 5After pasting, press with finger a few times, it is double eyelid pasting more lasting.Korean bridal makeup painting step 6After putting it on, you can go on with your next look.That's how Korean bridal makeup is painted, and prospective brides no longer have to worry about their single eyelids, with these steps can change their eyelids anywhere, anytime.Read more at:yellow bridesmaid dresses uk | champagne bridesmaid dresses

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