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Best man condition one, have sense of responsibilityIt's hard for the groom and the bride to do everything at the wedding, and just as the bride has her best friend's brain trust, the groom should have a group of brothers and groomsmen who are ready to take matters into their own hands. So, the bottom line in choosing a best man is not to get into trouble with the groom, not to help, but at least not to get into trouble with the groom. If the groom insists on asking the man to be his best man when he knows he's doing something stupid because he's drunk, he's asking for trouble. Of course, the best groomsman who doesn't stir up trouble is still a little bit worse. It's best to choose those who are responsible and can do anything for their brothers. That way, when the wedding happens and the groom can't get away from it, he can leave it to the groomsman.The best man's condition two, the random strain capacity is strongBecause they are newly married, because there is only one day, because there are so many guests, everything will be different for everyone. Because it's different, things are different for everyone. Randomness, which is completely a person's level and ability, has its own characteristics for everyone.The best man condition three, the best man should be active enoughIf the groom's brother is active, he is the best man to be the best man. At the very least, the groomsman can talk well, and the groomsman can come forward when the groom is nervous or the wedding atmosphere is not good enough to keep the atmosphere alive. In this way, the best man group in both a sense of responsibility of the elder brothers, and activists who can active atmosphere, and some will not give you ask for something good brothers, so the groom's wedding friends were collected.Best man condition four, good character, easy to communicateWedding day, come to many people, meet many things, such as dinner, need to drink, need to communication, need to face all kinds of people, so good personality, is very important, and facilitate communication than others. This is more conducive to the adjustment of the atmosphere.Best man condition five, good wineThe groomsman must be able to drink, or else he can't stop you from drinking. On a big day like the wedding, the groomsman is drunk and unconscious.The condition of being the best manGroomsman bridesmaid from choice, should be get married couple's best friend, they behave, should reflect the cultural quality of wedding party. So, the new people in choosing a groomsman bridesmaid, attention should be paid to the problem. Because on the day of the wedding, wedding party many of the things that need them to do, respect their life, and speaking manner, to reflect the grade of the married couple (who drink after willing to anything for the elder brothers friend, or arrange them to drink the best).7. The closer to the new couple's life circle, the more appropriate it is to be the best manUsually, people will have some friends by the big social environment, such as classmates, colleagues, neighbors and so on, they have the same acquaintances, and new understanding of new social circle, choose as a friend as a groomsman bridesmaid very suitable, because they can draw up the guest list, maintain the order of contact with a lot of work to cope.Read more at::cheap bridesmaid dresses uk |queenie bridesmaid
How does the bride-to-be lose weight? Work and exerciseProspective brides want to reduce weight model body words can take some housework, and exercise, so that we can able to fully exercise the muscle, burn excess water from the body, the body produces heat, burn fat, such not only can reduce weight shape can improve metabolism, is very good for your health.How does prospective bride reduce weight 2, wash bath to sweatA lot of female hairdressing maintains can choose to wash sauna, this is to use the principle of gasification heat, will consume the heat inside the body, and sweat still can help human body detoxify, it is the method that reduces weight effectively so. If prospective brides don't have time for a sauna at the beauty parlor, it's ok to suggest DIY at home. Take a piece of ginger to grind mud, put in cloth bag, use bath, this is "ginger bath", ginger can make human body heat up, make adipose combustion achieve reduce weight effect. "Salt bath" and "garlic bath" are also available.How does prospective bride reduce weight 3, the food that contains fiber moreThe bride-to-be's weight-loss plan must not eliminate this and eat more fiber. This is because the fiber in food can promote the intestinal peristalsis, and the excessive cholesterol, fatty acids, sugar, metabolic waste, water and other intestinal excretion, can improve the weight loss effect. The bride-to-be can eat plenty of seaweed, beans, potatoes and brown rice.How does prospective bride reduce weight 4, eat garlic to belong to food moreTCM recorded eat leeks, Onions, leeks, garlic and other plants of the genus garlic, can promote the blood circulation, increase body perspiration function, so eating garlic food can have the effect of weight loss.How does prospective bride reduce weight 5, ginger black tea reduce weightAnd bride-to-be can often drink ginger black tea to reduce weight, this is because ginger black tea can diuretic, can warm the body at the same time, excretion function also can strengthen, be beneficial to metabolism. Still can add red pond and honey in tea, reduce weight not only also can hairdressing raises a face, drink ginger black tea only at ordinary times breakfast, reduce weight effect can be very apparent.How does the bride-to-be lose weight and eat proper salty foodFor the "water fat" people, as long as pat from the body of excess water, can achieve the effect of weight loss. So appropriate eat the food with much salt, salt, such as soy sauce, stewed fish roe, salted fish, pickles, pickled food, such as salt can promote human body to "squeeze" the water to make body tensed, also to reach toning effect reducing weight.How does prospective bride reduce weight 7, red beans job's tears reduce weight soup"Water fat" the person has a kind of weight loss method very much is to drink red bean job's tears to reduce weight soup, red bean is coarse grain food, job's tears has the effect that promotes diuresis and defecate, it is very effective to reduce weight so. Practice: put 50 grams of red bean with 20 grams of yi sheng the pot boiled with 600 ml water, by the time the moisture in half, red bean cooked soft, time takes about 30 minutes, red bean yi soup to lose weight. If a woman has dysmenorrhea, this soup with brown sugar is also useful to reduce the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.How does prospective bride reduce weight 8, before breakfast drinks vegetable juiceIt's also helpful for the bride-to-be to drink fruit and vegetable juice before breakfast. Drink the fresh fruit juice below, can receive very good result: a carrot half, apple 2/3, cucumber 1, mix above fruits and vegetables into juice drink, can help reduce weight. The fiber and vitamins in fruits and vegetables will soon help the bride-to-be lose weight and get in shape.Read more at:one shoulder bridesmaid dresses |cadbury purple bridesmaid dresses
The champagne tower symbolizes the eternal remembrance of a happy marriage and is one of the most important parts of a western wedding. As the champagne opens, music is played in the background, and the couple and guests raise their glasses in an unforgettable scene. It's important to choose a suitable wedding champagne tower background music, so let's find out more about it.Wedding champagne tower background. Love of a LifetimeThis song tells us that when looking for a life partner, please don't always compare and hope there will be better choices in the future. If you do, you'll waste a lifetime, because remember: time never comes back. In life, we pass many people, we always think that the next person we meet will be more suitable for me, but let the time flow quietly. You know, love is not to be compared, there is only one person with a lifetime. At this moment, perhaps your lifetime of love is hovering in front of your eyes, please do not miss it. Music recommends music selection for different links at the wedding siteThe wedding champagne tower is close to youIn 1969, the Carpenters officially released their debut album Offering under the name of "Carpenters. Richard's soothing adaptation highlights warm trumpet solos and soft Californian harmonies.Wedding champagne tower backgroundTypical Eagles lyric songs. The melody is beautiful, especially the multi-guitar chords, which are appreciated by many eagles fans. A few people sat together, the faint melody trickling gently under the touch of their fingers. The rhythm of tenderness is especially suitable for singing to your lover. The vows in the song are touching "When we're hungry love will keep us alive... "Related reading: suitable for wedding background music warm and romantic atmosphereRead more at::forever yours bridesmaid dresses uk | cadbury purple bridesmaid dresses uk
Gold is romantic, elegant and intoxicating. It is also the most suitable wedding theme for September. If you're planning an elegant and romantic gold wedding, take a look at the following golden wedding arrangements.A large number ofGolden wedding decoration - invitation cardWhen it comes to invitations in a golden wedding setting, many couples may not understand. But invitations are an important factor because they are the first impression of the wedding guests. So couples should be careful when choosing invitations, and be sure to match the theme of your golden wedding.Overall colorGolden wedding decoration -- whole colorNow that is a golden wedding, the overall color of the wedding should give priority to with gold, and of course to join some of the other elements, if only gold, that is too monotonous, and it's easy to cause visual fatigue to the guests. A color that matches and sets off with gold. For example, red, white, blue and so on, relatively warm colors are more suitable.Gauze curtainGolden wedding decoration - veil curtainGauze curtain is quite important in a wedding, the romantic atmosphere of wedding must have gauze curtain foil ability appears soft and beautiful. The place that gauze curtain can appear adornment on the wedding scene also has a lot of, wait for the ceremony stage of new person for example, T stage, sign in desk, welcome a guest area. Especially in some places that have lamplight, it is ok to set off lamplight more soft and beautiful incomparablyThe lightGolden wedding decorations -- lightsIn the decoration of the wedding scene, the lighting should be paid special attention to. What kind of lighting is required for different links, both the bride and groom or the person in charge of wedding preparation should communicate with the lighting engineer in advance. Because lamplight should cooperate a few color of the scene to adjust, such ability achieves best result.Read more at:short bridesmaid dresses uk |royal blue bridesmaid dresses uk
What kind of hair do bridesmaids have? Too simple not to show themselves, too grand will rob the bride of the limelight, is really a struggle. Don't worry, check out a few good bridesmaid hairstyles. There must be one that works for you.A good bridesmaid hairstyle is recommendedThis is a noble temperament bridesmaids style while see, using simple design without bangs, towering half the princess head hair, again tie-in a delicate hair accessories, whether very elegant nobility, temperament and charming? I believe it will attract a lot of attention on the wedding day.Good bridesmaid hairdo twoThis bridesmaid hair style, use simple fleecy type low bun to coil hair design, both sides small leave a small bundle of hair, had very good repair effect, appear the maid of honor temperament fresh and fashionable. Collocation is full of star flower hair act the role of, not only pure and fresh, return romantic only beautiful.Good bridesmaid hairdo threeThis is a very simple bridesmaid hair style, fashionable partial design tie-in pure and fresh and elegant micro-curly long hair design, again choose the light pink bridesmaid dress collocation, very pure and sweet temperament.A good bridesmaid hairstyle is recommendedAlso in the simple sense of a pure real short bridesmaid hairstyle, modelling is simple, neat bang design more show the maid of honor, lovely and sweet little fluffy hair not only had the effect of repairing facial, but also add many nifty and lovely style.A good bridesmaid hairstyle is recommendedThe bride overall modelling looks very happy and sweet, adopts the design of inclined bang, voluminous hair curled in nature in the shoulders, pure and fresh and beautiful and do not break vogue feeling, bridesmaid sweet smiling face, more beautiful and moving.A good bridesmaid hairstyle is recommendedThe design of choreography is the common hair style of bridesmaid, this hair style of bridesmaid USES bang to braid hair design to match dish hair, appear melting and beautiful, match again the dress of type of one shoulder, very the eyeball.Good bridesmaid hair sevenThis golden brown go bridesmaid hairstyle, USES the design of revolute dish hair style collocation, make a bridesmaid handsome temperament made explicit, the bridesmaid dresses of the type that wipe a bosom on collocation, both sweet and handsome, whether very much?Read more at:white bridesmaid dresses
Now form a variety of wedding, but common Korean brides hairstyles and European bride hairstyle doesn't attract the attention of new people too much, it is the traditional method of Chinese style style restoring ancient ways favored by a lot of new people. Therefore, today, we will bring you a unique Chinese style of bride's hair cycle, more hair and face matching skills analysis.Step 1.2Chinese style bride hairstyle dish hair step 1.21, the entire head of hair clip make fleeciness status of corn processing, and then rolled into the hair with a curling iron big volume, if do big volume status is 32, can choose to use a curling iron, roll degree are more relaxed;2. Comb the hair on the top of the head backwards with a comb to support the roots.Step 3.4Chinese style bride hairstyle dish hair step 3.43. After combing the hair on the top of the head, tie the hair on the upper part of the back area into a ponytail. In this step, it is important to note that the top hair area must have radians, so as to facilitate the processing of the following steps.4. Then divide the hair of the ponytail into three strands, and change the three strands of hair into three strands of braid respectively.Step 5.6Step 5.6 for Chinese brides5. Then divide the remaining hair under the ponytail into three parts, and also make a loose three-strand braid.6. After weaving the rest of the hair into three strands of braid, the three strands of braid on the ponytail are then twisted up and fixed with clips, which must be stable and stable.Step 7.8Step 7.8 for Chinese brides' hairstyles7. After all the three braids on the ponytail are finished, the three braids on the lower part of the ponytail are also arranged in the same way and fixed;8. Divide the bangs into middle sections, and then weave the hair on both sides of the middle sections into relatively loose three-strand braids. The braiding method is the same as the one above.Read more at:light blue bridesmaid dresses | forever yours bridesmaid dresses uk
Folds the bride on the makeup look can choose Korean bride makeup, the bride Korean brides can highlight eye makeup look attractive, let below small make up take a look at Korean bride makeup drawing steps, which bothers you folds.Korean bridal makeup painting step 1Remove the eyelid from the bottom mould.Korean bridal makeup painting step 2Clean around the eyes and wipe with a blotter after washing.Korean bridal makeup painting step 3Put double eyelid to stick in the most suitable place away from oneself eye ministry, cannot stick too high, the position is proper good.Korean bridal makeup painting step 4Use a stick to hold your eyelids together for about 2 to 3 minutes.Korean bridal makeup painting step 5After pasting, press with finger a few times, it is double eyelid pasting more lasting.Korean bridal makeup painting step 6After putting it on, you can go on with your next look.That's how Korean bridal makeup is painted, and prospective brides no longer have to worry about their single eyelids, with these steps can change their eyelids anywhere, anytime.Read more at:yellow bridesmaid dresses uk | champagne bridesmaid dresses
The summer bridesmaid makeup dozen in, the bridesmaid but want a lot of attention to make up the detail on oh, such ability makes the bridesmaid makeup that does not take off easily. How do you paint bridesmaid dresses in summer? Small make up today to share with the bride a very safe summer bridesmaid makeup painting method, this makeup can be used not only on the bridesmaid makeup, also can make up normally like this.How to paint bridesmaid dresses in summer - base and make-up1, the bottom makeupSummer weather is hot, easy to sweat easily, so want a lasting makeup, bottom makeup is not to ignore. Also want to give priority to with light and the choice of foundation, makeup technique is: use the finger to point to an abdomen directly push the brush on the face, gently with the hand pressure, this trick will let foundation more joint skin, make makeup look more clear, than use a sponge on makeup effect is much better, oh.2, calm makeupWant not to take off makeup easily or drop makeup easily, make up is the key step in makeup step, use loose powder to make up is better choice.How does summer draw bridesmaid makeup -- eye makeup1. Apply double eyelids (if it is a girl with double eyelids, this step can be omitted)After the foundation is finished, the eye makeup will begin. If it's a girl with one eyelid, choose to put on two eyelids to make her eyes look more awkward and alert. Choose a suitable double eyelid paste affixed to good.2. Upper eyelinerUse eyeliner to stick the eyelash root of upper eyelid first fine depict an eyelash line, eye position is pulled slightly upwarped, can make the eye more attractive.3, eye shadow,Eye shadow light purple series is selected, first select the most shallow purple smoke, gently on a layer in the upper eyelid, then choose a little bit deep purple, on the position of the eyes and gently sweep a layer (pictured), finally choose shallow brown in the light of eye tail sweep, let whole color looks more natural. Want your eyes to look brighter and highlight at the corner of your eye.4. Lower eyelinerLower eyeliner begins to draw eyeliner from the place in the middle of the eye, want faint oh, after use cotton swab a little dizzy catch more natural.5. MascaraUse eyelash curler to curl eyelash curler first, brush a layer of eyelash creams gently, if eyelash is not too thick can brush two more, look eyelash rolls up again so.Read more at:blue bridesmaid dresses uk | black bridesmaid dresses
Mark Twain once praised "Mauritius" for saying that god had built the garden of Eden in the guise of "Mauritius". The reputation of "holiday paradise" has brought a tidal wave of tourists to the island, as well as upscale hotels and resorts. It is an oasis of calm and tranquility, a colorful and fascinating country with its traditions and modern colors. Many people like to affectionately refer to Mauritius as "MAO qiu", to "MAO qiu" to take a romantic honeymoon, and also to the wedding photo shoot also let many lovers dream.Foreign travel for wedding photos: Greece.The English romantic poet byron once said that Greece was the only place that satisfied me. Some people may not agree that Greece is a paradise on earth, but the beauty of Greece is known to all on earth. Mention Greece, people will think of glittering and translucent get rid of the Aegean sea, blue clear sky, try reading the ancient Parthenon, white walls blue church and gas smell in the air of romance. And, of course, there are the love-hate myths and the love-hate Greek gods of the Olympic mountains.Wedding photos taken abroad: Vienna."The story of sissi, from here." Vienna, a city that you can't help but admire. In addition to the thundering golden hall and magnificent buildings, you can't ignore a name: sissy. From the beautiful spring palace where sisi lived, to the biscuit tin in the shop, and the chocolate, she can see the beautiful image of sisi.Wedding photos taken abroad: phuket island.I believe many people in phuket island in Thailand have heard it. Phuket is a pearl on the Indian Ocean andaman sea: turquoise waters, wide and beautiful beaches, flawless white sand... Although the historical and cultural atmosphere of phuket is different from that of Bali, it is not as clear as the water in the maldives, but it also has its own unique culture and features: temples, turrets, elephants... You can add a touch of romance to your wedding photo.Read more at::bridesmaid dresses uk