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Daniel Roth series of music three asked tourbillon watch through the sapphire crystal@thereal.su
8:06 AM | янв. 12, 2018
Daniel Roth series of music three asked tourbillon watch through the sapphire crystal display watch structure. Dial through the layout, cutting, highlighting the unique mechanical devices and Tourbillon. A rose gold case with a three-piece slider design, designed on the left side of the dial. And the slide slides along a special area from 7 o’clock to Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace 11 o’clock. Circled on the crown specifically engraved with 1N30 within the figures, respectively, corresponding to this limited edition of 30 watches in a. Crown on the back of the configuration of transparent sapphire crystal, waterproof up to 30 meters. Strap for the brown crocodile skin, inlaid 18K rose gold three folding clasp, the strap firmly fixed.Last year in March, the French luxury giant LVMH Group to 3.7 billion euros in the price of the acquisition of Bulgari, known as the luxury goods industry in 10 years the highest amount of a acquisition. It is reported that LVMH watch and jewelry sector sales rose in 2011, or as much as 98%, are due to the acquisition of Bulgari.Replica Van Cleef &Arpels Ring Bulgari original shareholder Francisco Trapani has also become LVMH watch and jewelry department president. In the Basel show, Francisco – Trapani said in an interview, the current international brand of the company, he was the most proud of Bulgari.Franco Trapani said that Bulgari in the current luxury market ranking in the forefront of the world, is the current multi-brand strategy in one of the highly innovative brands. This is a family brand to the world-class luxury goods business development long-term efforts to achieve success. Bulgari’s reputation is in line with the LVMH globalization strategy – to make all brands in the art, complexity and patent, etc. have Replica Cartier Love Necklace won fame, for the brand to increase the important value-added.Francesco Trapani said that regardless of the and Bulgari, or its management of LVMH’s other brands, the market size, are very important. But some markets do have a natural advantage, demand is more robust, more prosperous economic development. From a global perspective, Asia will be one of the most important markets, because the huge growth of energy and development momentum to attract world attention. Especially in mainland China, the most representative. But the United States, Europe and other mature markets can not be ignored. Bulgari in Europe and the United States for many centuries, even if the growth rate slowed down, but Great Cartier Replica Love Earrings still maintain a steady upward momentum of development, volatility is not.Francesco Trapani said that last year, although the impact of the debt crisis in Europe, but LVMH’s brand have outstanding achievements. Bulgari has achieved double-digit growth in all products and marketing channels, which verifies the correctness of the Group’s strategy. 2012 due to the larger economic environment, so the future will remain cautious, but still full of confidence.Francesco Trapani says the Basel exhibition is an important moment for the global industry to converge and is a benchmark for business decision-making and fashion trends. LVMH will be through the exhibition reflects the depth of the brand every step of the development strategy. The power of luxury brands is to be loyal to its core values, always rooted in tradition, and continue to inject the driving force of continuous innovation.

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