This years fashion week I am most memorable is the Lee
7:39 AM | . 9, 2018
This years fashion week I am most memorable is the Lee Lang essay wave teachers show because we all replica Cartier jewelry know that this show the number of models used to reach 160 people, is the largest number of previous, the formation of the most complex one. The scene is very ambitious, very beautiful clothes domineering, so I am very shocked.I am fortunate enough to take the opening of theshow, which is the first time I opened the show, I feel very lucky, but also I will never forget. Cai Hao talk TheIn fact, the model in the audience and ordinary people, there is no difference. Beijing male model competition is very intense, often an interview nearly 150 people, and customers want only ten 20. Fashion Week models often have to perform during the day, I have a day to have two performances, from the first afternoon to the next day at five in the rehearsal, the next morning at half past eight Up make-up, 3 pm performance, it can be said that two days and two nights without eyes. Cai Hao for the fashion weeks hard, is a word: sleepy!Fashion Week is actually a Imitation Trinity de Cartier Bracelet model of the big platform, but also a chance.Model can be in this big stage to display some fist, both to improve their experience, but also let the fashion circle to see your advantages. Cai Hao said, It is a fashion-themed, and rich fashion background of the gathering.Fashion field of different representatives of the identity, need such a party, the individual fashion or cutting-edge or popular interpretation of the internationalization of the show. Personally, to be able to integrate into this party is a very proud thing in life.FashionWeek comparable to the fashion world of the World Cup, is the level of weekdays training level embodied, the industry also need such a point to purify the art of fashion, with a very noble The social significance. Hu Nan smile welcome the light baptismHu Nans first show is Bo Tao fashion conference, which is her first time with the famous designer Bo Taos cooperation. Knockoff Van Cleef Perlee Bracelet It was the show that made me realize what the fashion show was and how she could better express the style of the designers design. Hu Nan said, In order to be able to show more style in the fashion week itself , Do a lot of preparation, for example, my step is not very good without the skills, the company arranged for my training course, practice the steps, physical, temperament, gas field and the like, but also help me do some fitness card , So that the body is more perfect, as well as shooting courses so that I show the most beautiful posture in front of the camera.Models are always surrounded by flowers, the lens before the bright and beautiful, in fact, they are not easy. Hu Nan said: In the past is very yearning for the model of this career, that scenery unlimited, participated in the game, participated in the fashion week, I know the model is particularly hard this industry, every time we see the beautiful side of the show, in fact, after many times Rehearsal only to show the best state, such as a 10:30 performance, four half will begin to make-up, and the night before the rehearsal may end at 1:00.We basically in the performance before the gap, cover coat But since the choice of this career, when the music sounded, you must use the finest demeanor, the most touching shape, the most light of the pace out of the background, to meet the needs of the music, Spotlight capture and baptism. Hu Nan has been young to win the crown, in her eyes, imitation Van Cleef Butterfly Earrings Fashion Week is a gathering of manyprofessional models of the stage, longing for the stage, to the stage of success. Fashion Week is a very good platform, it brings together the best resources of Chinas fashion industry, but also the development of the model industry is the most important factor in terms of the model it means that many development opportunities and the latest and most high-quality industry information, It is the catalyst for the development of the mold industry.It can let the model grow experience and self-confidence, the designer designed clothes with a good body language show, exercise more T stage expressive force, the future development has played an important The role of.