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Cheap Kobe A.D. Mid Mamba Mentality Pack Sale Online
11:59 AM | сен. 13, 2017
2017 Nike Kobe A.D. For Sale, Following the recent Drew League players on the foot of a pair of upgraded version of Nike Kobe AD, the official release of the series of shoes and named Nike Kobe AD Mid. The series contains five pairs of different colors of Kobe AD Mid, the design concept is from Kobe's "Mamba Mentality", he was the way of color psychology to this spirit to be more detailed interpretation. Which purple represents no fear, gray represents superior, yellow represents positive, red represents passion, lake blue stands calmly. Five pairs of shoes in the design details are different, respectively, with different patterns and design to promote their own expression of the spirit of Mamba.Cheap Jordans 2017, Kobe Bryant's "Mamba Mentality" is embodied in the various elements of the basketball court, both physically and mentally. Bryant's obsession with basketball training is well known, but little is known that the fifth championship winner is also interested in the external factors that affect human behavior. Color psychology is one of them, Bryant particularly concerned about the color, attitude and emotional link between. In the configuration of the shoes, the upper to join the fly line, the tongue is more thin, followed by TPU package to cortex, the overall design reflects the more lightweight concept, while not reducing the actual performance of the shoes themselves, and shoes to help The design also increased the protection of the ankle site. The whole series to bring you a lot of surprises really!New Jordans 2016, The new KOBE AD to help the shoes into the Bryant's color experience, to show how different colors on his personal different effects, and as a basis for the introduction of five matching shoes, from different angles to show Kobe Bryant on the self-promotion The relentless pursuit. To maintain a pure Kobe style, each color has been scientifically designed, but are presented through a unique Manba perspective. In addition to the color inspiration, the series also includes the following performance advantages: multi-layer uppers design, bringing light, ultra-thin feet at the same time with a strong support effect. Lunarlon foam combined with Zoom Air air cushion unit, bringing a soft and responsive cushioning experience. Design excellent soles, to ensure that the attack when the flexibility to cut and change when the grip. KOBE A.D. No fear - for Kobe, purple represents difficulties and sets new goals.

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