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Diamonds and Settings as Unique as the Loved One Commemorated@thereal.su
3:52 AM | апр. 11, 2018
Every single person or pet that has ever walked this earth is unique. It only makes sense that a diamond or piece of jewelry created to celebrate their memory should be personalized to capture their unique spirit once they’re gone.For this reason, cremation diamonds Great Cartier Replica Love Earrings are available in brilliant cut and princess cut, and come in a variety of colors, including:Cremation diamonds can be set in different pieces of jewelry including rings, pendants, and earrings. White or yellow gold in 14 or 18kt, or even platinum can be used for the setting, along with numerous selections for style, including:Customization options allow individuals to create a stunning piece of jewelry that celebrates the uniqueness of their loved one and quickly becomes a treasured family heirloom that can be passed down to future generations and treasured by those who wear it.People that have gone through the ashes to diamond process rave about the customization options. One customer, Anne-Marie from the UK, shared her decision to have a ring made from the hair of her beloved dog, Daisy, who is still alive and well. She was thrilled to work with a designer at Heart In Diamond, who accommodated her request to have a unique ring setting made in the actual shape of a daisy. She remarks in her testimonial:Common praise about this startup company includes Fake Cartier Juste un Clou Earrings the fact that they go out of their way to customize the piece of jewelry specific to the customer’s requests. If one cannot find exactly what they want on the site, the representatives of the company will go the extra mile to send more examples or even have a unique piece made upon request. Each natural lab diamond created needs to pass an extremely strict quality-control process to ensure brilliant results every time. Creating the diamonds using this process means that Heart In Diamond can identify any diamond that was created in their lab, and ensures that each one is unique. The company also offers an Authenticity Check to customers if they want to ensure it was created by Heart in Diamond, and is backed by the guarantee.

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