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How to choose men bag, Milane reminded male consumers@thereal.su
8:08 AM | янв. 12, 2018
How to choose men bag, Milane reminded male consumers, in the selection of the time according to your use and living habits, mainly from these aspects to consider:(1) men’s bag function design is the most important. Men’s bag function is not the better, to consider practical, durable, comfortable and other aspects. Select the men bag, the appearance of the best choice simple and generous.(2) men bag bag is also very important. A comfortable, fake van cleef & alrpels jewelry practical bag should be equipped with a wide, more solid and can adjust the carry  belt, and carry bag material to have breathable.(3) carefully check the bag is fine workmanship, body and fabric, carry and package body stitching quality is durable, joints can not be too large, too loose.(4) the selection of men bag, to take into account the personal career characteristics, from the actual need to choose the size of your bag size. The principle is rather small.(5) Of course, the selection of men bag, but also take into account the direction of the trend, to understand the key elements of the popular season. Of course, simple and generous style, never out of date.Men how to buy briefcaseBriefcase is a man’s invisible business card, is a symbol of a man’s taste. A suitable briefcase, must have a high quality selection, generous, simple design, to highlight the male masculinity, but without losing the fashion, elegant external charm. On the quality of life demanding business men in the choice of briefcase, as to choose their shoes as clothing, the same emphasis on texture and workmanship of the sophisticated.Today, the men hand bag, bag, briefcase, gradually rich from the category, modeling changes in subtle. Daily work, with a few homes for the office with their own daily work more orderly, ease.1, professional men’s office bag should choose more tend to the traditional Founder type office bag, but the package size can not be too, the daily use of the material can not be limited to the cortex, more tend to environmentally friendly.2, pay attention to choose a solid handle Fake Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet of the briefcase, with a variety of clothes, black, gray, brown and other dark lines become the protagonist of the briefcase.3, a simple but simple quality of the briefcase can not only reflect the rigor of the owner but without losing the taste of low-key publicityHow to use office briefcaseMen’s career in the workplace, we must know, how to use briefcase When the briefcase is used, pay attention to the four points of attention.First, with the package should not be more. Out of service, who has a package will be more convenient. But with a bag, then, with a package like, there is no need to even bring the back of the body, several packs, giving a complex feeling.Second, with the package is not publicity. Before the briefcase, you must first remove the attached leather mark. In front of outsiders, do not show the briefs I use the briefcase. These details, are not to make people feel a sense of publicity.Third, with the package is not chaos. Before going out, carry the things that should be Cheap Van Cleef Alhambra Bracelet installed in the briefcase as much as possible. This time with the convenience, it is not installed in other places not easy to find. But keep in mind that useless things do not put in the bag, in particular, do not make excessive swelling. Put in the bag of items, must be a reasonable place to put the rules. In short, keep the overall appearance of the briefcase.Four, with the package is not free to put. After entering the room, you should place the briefcase blindly on the floor of the place where you are seated, or the designation of the owner, and not place it on the table and chair. In public places also have to pay attention, do not let it hinder the others. If you have valuables, you should also pay attention to the safety of the package.Men’s briefcase how to identify the quality of goodFirst, watch the car suture.Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Earrings All the brand briefcase car suture are uniform rank, neat and smooth, and some high-end brand package there are security lines; and imitation brand briefcase suture color is dark, not plain;Second, watch the appearance version. Is the brand name briefcase cut version of the smooth, three-dimensional sense of strong, the surface is not bubbling, bare burr; and imitation brand briefcase version of the loose version, the package side of the bubble, corners suture bad; third, watch lining work The Is the brand briefcase inside the bag at a glance, lining close to the material, lining the seams tight; and imitation brand briefcase lining seam is too large, too much thread, lining and body of the body is not natural;Third, watch the zipper, lock and other accessories. Is the brand briefcase zipper and lock material are made of high quality metal material, material is not easy to oxidation, fade; is the brand briefcase zipper smooth, zipper and package body suture natural; and imitation brand briefcase zipper around the thread tight.

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