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How does one review a resort/festive line? Should one look at wearability or new elements of surprise? In a season when everything looks beaded and sequinned and appliqué embroideries have become almost every label's signature element, it's refreshing to see a designer wreaking a jolt of some off-kilter creativity.

On day one of Lakme Fashion Week, designer Masaba Gupta turned her gimlet-eyed focus to the Sakalava tribe face paintings, rich flora, fauna and imagery of Madagascar. The Print pioneer who has in the past focused on cars, cameras, lipstick, toffee, mirchi and Husain paintings, this time toyed with paintings, figure murals, linear grass prints, abstract foliage and birds. However, the difference this time was that her prints were streamlined and stunningly realised adding a polished edge to the outing.

Mrs Mantena's show started with whites and peaches and moved towards festive pinks and greens with her signature metallic gold and silver accents. From the opening balloon-sleeved maxi with a key hole on the bust to the white tulle capes to figure-flattering cholis with pants, the line had enough cool separates like draped kurtas and polo necks teamed with drop-crotch pants.

The shine on silks sprinkled with sequins and gold thread work set the festive mood.

The highpoint was definitely the corseted belted saris teamed with off-shoulder blouses with ruffled sleeves. The Masaba bride is feisty, fun and fearless, she likes to the style her look the way she wants to. One can't bracket her into a boho category or give her a hipster tag. She's her own person. Masaba, who often derives inspirations from her travels had an image of a soft Gothic vision of a bride, who's strong and not a conformist dresser. Easily one of her strongest outings in recent times. Complementing the eclectic ensembles were cutting-edge jewellery pieces by Misho Designs. The tribal music added vim and verve to this high-voltage outing.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses australia | australian formal dresses

She’s been a Victoria’s Secret ‘angel’, walked for a zillion designers around the world, appeared on countless magazine covers and will marry fiance, DJ Ruckus (aka Greg Andrews) next year.

“It’s always special and exciting to come home as I don’t get here very often and being away from home is really hard for me. I aspired to be like Megan Gale or Miranda Kerr, always.”

But there is one thing the Melbourne-born, globally renowned model can’t live without: it’s her portable gym.

“The most important thing I travel with is my gym,’’ says Shanina.

“It goes wherever I go. I have ankle weights and normal weights and resistance bands and I pack them all up in my little suitcase and I take it all with me.

“You can do all of these workout routines on your hotel room with a minimum of fuss.”

“It is part of my job to be fit and ready and have energy because I do travel so much.

“If there is a swimsuit shoot or a summer shoot coming up I know I have to work consistently so I work with my trainer. I just Skype and Facetime with him from wherever I am, so it’s not difficult once you get into a routine.”

As far as eating is concerned, and contrary to being one of ‘those’ models who can eat what they like, Shanina is very conscious about what she puts into her body.

“I just like to eat healthily and I notice it in my energy and in my skin and I want to look great as well,’’ she says.

“I eat pretty much vegan right now but I am pescetarian too as I am still eating fish and eggs.

“I recently went to a nutritionist as I am certainly not perfect and with so much travel it really grabs a hold of my energy and not feeling well at times. So vitamins are really important to me.”

Shanina’s one weak spot when it comes to food is her sweet tooth.

“It’s really bad,” she says. “I am such a dessert person but I really have to watch myself that I don’t go over the top when it comes to all things sweet.

“I eat in moderation and exercise in moderation, but I don’t deprive myself. It isn’t so much a diet that I am I, but a lifestyle decision.

“Being healthy is 80 per cent of what you eat and the rest is about the gym and exercise.”

Shanina’s fiance, DJ Ruckus, with whom she recently shared runway with at the David Jones fashion launch is as equally into ‘health’ as she is.

“He has one of those bodies where he can eat what he wants,’’ she adds.

“He has like a natural six pack which is infuriating but he is very good with his eating,’’ she laughs.

“He’s eating quite vegan although he does love his carbs.”

Shanina says everyone wants to live a healthy and happy life and says it’s great to see so many millennials seriously interested in staying healthy.

With wedding bells in the air for the toned-up duo, major details are still under wraps but one thing is for sure: the nuptials won’t be happening in Australia.

“Maybe my fiancee is making it bigger than I maybe want it to be,” she laughs.

“But it will be one fantastic huge celebration, that is for sure, and we’re still not quite sure when or where.”

While Los Angeles is currently Shanina’s favourite ‘other’ home, “I’ve done what I’ve needed to do in New York,” she adds. “I can imagine settling down and having children in Los Angeles.”

So when it comes to life-lists, is Shanina a big planner?

“I am a big dreamer and I write down all the things I do and don’t like but I’ve realised it is so important to live in the moment,” she says.

“Social media is obviously a big and important part of my working life but I find it hard and sometimes difficult to keep up with it,’’ she says.

“Having a dinner with my fiancee or friends is a no-go zone when it comes to social media.

“I recently went to Bali where they have this one religious day where ALL social media and electronic is turned off and it was the best thing ever. It was just good to be ‘in the moment’.

“It’s a business at the end of the day as social media can show your personality, sure, like I’ve been booked by photographers through my Instagram feed.

“But being in charge and taking charge of your social media is so important but not let it rule your life.”Read more at:queenieau.com | bridesmaid dresses australia

Last seen in Raabta, Kriti Sanon is now gearing up for the release of her upcoming film Bareilly Ki Barfi. While she is on a promotional spree along with co-stars Aayushmann Khurrana and Rajkumar Rao, she has also managed to serve us up some fashion inspiration on the side. Going by her recent appearances, the 27-year-old actress seems to have opted to go quirky and boho-chic and, boy, are we impressed! From gypsy princess to nature warrior, Sanon is embracing unconventional prints and how!

The actor looked absolutely beautiful in a printed crop top with cut bell-sleeves and a pair of navy blue palazzo pants from the house of Pallavi Jaipur. Styled by Sukriti Grover, Sanon kept her hair mid-parted and poker straight and completed her look with minimal accessories and strappy flats. Did she give off a gypsy princess vibe? Yes, she did.

She had also opted for a printed Egyptian Khadi dress from Nautanky by Nilesh Parashar. With splashes of teal, purple, yellow and red on the dress, she looked like a nature warrior in the beautiful green number. Styled by Grover, she kept her make-up fresh and minimal, but the beautiful statement neck-piece from Minerali Store was lost among the colours of her outfit. Sanon opted for juttis from Needledust to go with her outfit.

Keeping her boho-game going, Sanon chose to go for a look comprising of a regal pink dhoti and crop top combo, that she paired with a floral jacket — all put together by Anoli Shah. Styled by Grover, she chose to wear wine-red juttis from Fizzy Goblet and a stunning pair of earrings from Purab Paschim. It is kind of a let down that while she could experiment with her hair, she is choosing to keep it poker straight — safe and humdrum. The golden and silver thread-work on her top adds just the right amount of bling to her outfit.

Sanon also experimented with layered fashion choices, as part of the promotions. Sanon chose a navy blue number followed by layers of yellow and then teal towards the end. With a tassel-ended scarf around her neck, she paired the number over orange separates, thus giving off a free-spirited vibe in her layered look. Styled by Grover, she tied her hair into a high-raised bun and wore colourful Sangeeta Boochra earrings. While the look overall seemed a little dishevelled, it sure gave her an unconventional vibe.Read more at:formal dresses online | long formal dresses australia

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From the embroidery work that goes on the wedding dress to the crockery used to serve the guests, the D-day invites perfection in even the most little things. The pearl white smile of the blushing bride and groom is one such detail that needs to be perfect and experts suggests how.

Priyanka Goyat from Rejove Clinique and Somvir Singh from Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, share tips on how one can make the day even more special with perfect teeth.

Avoid staining elements

Cut back the consumption of deeply pigmented beverages like soda, coffee and tea and some foods like blueberries, cherries, and soy sauce as these are the ones along with alcohol and cigarettes responsible for enamel thinning, and making the teeth more susceptible to stains. If you can’t completely avoid staining beverages from your diet, either try having them with straw or get your teeth clinically cleaned every three months.

Go well with the water intake

Increasing water intake at least one month prior to the wedding will not only make your face glow but will also let your teeth sparkle to their fullest on D-day. Even on D-day, staying well hydrated will keep your lips and mouth all moistened up, easing it out for you to smile.

Take good care of dental regimen

Whether or not you opt to go with the teeth whitening treatments to enhance your smile, it’s important to keep up with proper care of the teeth. This includes daily routine like brushing at least twice a day with proper rinsing, and flossing.Read more at:bridesmaid gowns

The September issue of W magazine is all about the future.

The Condé-owned fashion title teamed with the creative technology studio The Mill and photographer Steven Klein to create what is being billed as a “special collector’s issue” that fuses print and digital through augmented reality. Readers are encouraged to download an app, made especially for this project, that scans the printed page to activate video extras and interactive special effects.

“The issue is part of our larger strategy of making every issue of the magazine a unique experience — something collectible, something that is not disposable,” said editor in chief Stefano Tonchi. “I think that this is a great space now that so many of our readers, really I would call them users at this point, experience the magazine on their phones. So why not do it in a more W way?”

For example, scan the cover and watch Katy Perry recite Camus, while standing on a dark, surreal version of a Parisian street. “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion,” Perry dramatically enunciates in the video.

“It’s about rebellion, it’s a call to act, which we love. It’s not one side or the other, it’s about action. It’s a very political moment in that sense. We like that young people are taking action and have opinions,” Tonci explained, of the Camus quote, which, he said, involved a lengthy back-and-forth with Perry and her team.

A second cover was made by creating 3-D scans of Perry’s head. By pressing different facial features after scanning it with the app, users find various extras, such as videos of Perry singing, or Perry dramatically driving. The shoot, which was one of creative and fashion director Edward Enninful’s last projects before leaving W to helm British Vogue, is, in keeping with Klein’s aesthetic, decidedly dark and moody — something that proved a challenge for the technology.

“That [darkness] is difficult in our world,” explained Sallyann Houghton, an executive producer at The Mill. “We like shiny, bright objects!”

The AR technology extends beyond the Katy Perry cover story. In a high-concept collaboration with artist Alex Israel, one of the last chimpanzee actors in Hollywood is photographed among the eerily empty concrete rooms designed by architect Tadao Ando, posing with Bill and Maria Bell’s impressive modern art collection. (Enlisting Israel, Tonchi said, helped convince the Bells to let W use their house and art collection). The arresting photographs illustrates a science fiction story by Jamie Brisick that imagines a world where humanity has left Earth, and art, behind — in keeping with the “Planet of the Apes” meets MoMA vibe. Scan those pages with the app, and watch a video installation. Other stories have similarly multilayered, and multimedia, features.

“More than ever, we want to take advantage of W being the oversized luxury leader, especially in print. We are never going to have the largest rate base because our focus is doing something special and a little more unique,” said Chris Mitchell, W and Vanity Fair’s chief business officer. “We want each one of these issues to feel like a special artistic event. We want to make W ‘printier.’”

“We have to rethink print for sure,” Tonchi added. “And this is just one of the ways we are doing it.”Read more at:bridesmaid dresses australia | formal dresses online australia

Though we are always in awe of models as they parade down the catwalk in exquisite designer wear, let’s face it, not all those sartorial pieces can be worn at typical brunch invitations, the boss’ parties or even when you’re trying to beat your girlfriends as best dressed. The fashion runway is pretty different from street style. So we’ve narrowed down on some summer fashion trends that definitely made headlines at major fashion shows round the world, but look just as glamorously wearable off the ramp too. Couple them with your own style or follow in the footsteps of your favourite designer; our 7 trending style elements will ensure you have something new to show off every day of the week. Apart from your gorgeous self, of course!


As outrageous (but we’d like to call it cleverly innovative) as these new entries may look hanging out on their own, bodysuits can complement pretty much any of your bottoms – a pair of high-waisted trousers, a flowing skirt, and even denim shorts. The design allows for a rumple-free, smooth and seamless fit without making your waist look bulky. Comfortable, casual and stylish, all you need to do is pick your favourite fabric, colour and style and let this piece work its way to a perfect fit.

Puffed Sleeves

You know, the ones that look like you’ve breathed a gallon of air into. Though you might want to take it easy on the ‘gallon of air’, the runways didn’t shy away from some pretty voluminous puffed sleeves. Volume around the arms and shoulders draw attention to the torso, enabling you to ditch worrying too much about the bottoms. A trend that has easily found its way into a myriad of styles, cuts and designs, the puffed sleeve fashion exhibits itself in off-shoulder tops, closed-neck dresses and even jackets.


It’s summer, so we obviously couldn’t let this pass by could we? In fact, florals have manifested itself in some form or the other through the years. Flow-y, long, breeze-kissed gowns or short, summery dresses, the print is everywhere. Taking these blooms to a whole new level, designers went all out in dresses that wear floral from collar to toes (or should we say shoes). This year we also saw a lot of florals that took on a darker turn (and on some occasions, even a little Gothic). Set against blacks, maroons and even deep browns, these flowery prints have gone from just flirty to sensual.


From bright, bold, colour-blocking stripes to the classic pinstripes, we saw most high street fashion brands showcasing an array of their favourite variant of stripes. Whether a pinstriped jumpsuit or one with a dash of vibrant stripes across the middle, they are all the rage. The versatility of this pattern makes them incredibly fashionable — whether as pinstriped formals or radically coloured beach wear. Remember, horizontal stripes make you broader and verticals give the illusion of a longer silhouette; so pair wisely.


Is the new black. And we don’t mean just Barbie-pinks and pastel peaches; we’re talking fuchsias, amaranths and anything that shouts a brilliant hue of pink. International designers have showcased the most stunning collections of pinks in shades we’re probably still looking up the dictionary for. What’s our advice to stay in trend with the colour? Find a shade that matches your complexion and just flaunt that pink. And if you can still not make up your mind, try a pale dogwood or a millennial; that’s once you’ve figured out what that is (wink).


Though sky-high flatforms have accounted for some major mishaps, in moderate inches, these shoes have been delightfully welcomed and have our feet screaming with joy. Probably a more comfortable way to add height without killing our feet, flatforms (not to be confused with platforms) made their big appearance as models strutted this style on catwalks. Now shoe-makers are incorporating them in colours, fabrics and designs that make them stylish and different from their boxy former version. Aren’t we glad not everything fashionable is painful!

Long chains and big pendants

Those chunky, oversized pieces that reach all the way to your bellybutton are the new statement pieces in town. There’s nothing minimalistic about these eye-catching, navel-grazing neckpieces. Charms and beads, a single massive stone or even a set of keys - as long as it is bold, big and boisterous, you’re following the trend perfectly well. These accessories don’t just accentuate your dress, they become the main element.Read more at:online bridesmaid dresses | formal dresses online australia

When it comes to sending a strong message through fashion, Anushka Sharma is one of the Bollywood beauties who have constantly made headlines. At a time when the ‘who is a feminist?’ debate is on in full swing, Sharma went ahead and wore a “We should all be feminists” tee for a cover shoot. Cut to now, the Jab Harry Met Sejal star seems to have embraced androgynous fashion and has created a perfect balance of chic and savage, posing for Elle India’s August edition.

Striking quite a pose in a beige pantsuit by Michael Kors over a white top, Sharma seemed absolutely in control on the cover. She chose to keep her make-up minimal and fresh and accessorised with a brooch from Chanel and a pair of boots from 3.1 Phillip Lim. She styled her side-parted hair into a sleek, tight bun and looked like the ‘ fierce bawse’ you should all be wary of.

The actor was earlier seen baring her toned back in a risqué Fendi dress with floral applique details in Fimfare’s July edition. At the time too, she chose to keep her make-up minimal, hair styled straight and centre-parted. She accessorised her dress with a ring from Louis Vuitton and velvet heels from Loubotin.

On work front, Sharma’s latest film Jab Harry Met Sejal co-starring Shah Rukh Khan and directed by Imtiaz Ali hit the theatres on August 4. Throughout the promotions too, Sharma maintained an impressive record of sartorial choices — from a velvet black slip dress to going the desi way by donning beautiful saris and kurtas — she experimented and experimented well.Read more at:sydney formal dress shops | australian formal dresses

Catinca Tabacaru
(Photo:best formal dresses)

Catinca Tabacaru didn’t take the predictable path toward becoming a New York City gallery owner. Born in Romania, she began her career as a human rights lawyer, working with the U.N. International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. During that time, she founded the nonprofit Women’s Voices Now, which aims to empower women living in Muslim-majority countries.

She has since pivoted to a career in the arts. In 2014, Tabacaru opened her namesake gallery in Manhattan’s Lower East Side , where she has committed to supporting emerging and young artists, and on Aug. 20 she’ll open a second gallery space in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. She’s been working in the Southern African nation’s arts scene for several years through the artist residency CTG Collective, which she founded along with Rachel Monosov and Justin Orvis Steimer. The residency pairs international and local artists to create works in collaboration and conversation.

“The world, I think, doesn’t really need another big New York gallery right now, but the world does need a really cool gallery in Zimbabwe that has an external-internal program,” she says. The Zimbabwean gallery is to foster an international artists’ residency, and exhibit the resulting works.

“I think there’s a crisis globally around supporting arts,” she says. “My hope is that it bounces back, that there’s conservation about it, and that people realize that art is vital, art is the expression of what’s happening in the world right now in a way that can generally be understood by people.”

WWD: How do you dress for work now versus five years ago?

Catinca Tabacaru: Five years ago I was a lawyer, so I dressed in suits that were fairly boring. I’m way cooler now. I’m much more interested in unique looks and some element that is funky or cool; something that matches the aesthetic focus of the art world as well. It’s literally the difference between the desire to be normal and the desire to be abnormal. As a lawyer, you kind of want to blend it for so many reasons; in the art world you want to stand out for so many reasons.

WWD: What would you say is the biggest influence on how you dress for work?

C.T.: How I feel in the morning. I’ve been known to show up at work in high heels and a superprofessional suit, I’ve been known to show up in a flight suit. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s influenced by the show itself.

WWD: How do you shop for work clothes? Is it pleasurable for you?

C.T.: No. [Pause] That’s not fair. I’m a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to these things. I kind of like pick a shop and that keeps me alive for a year and then switch. My current obsession is Tictail, which is four doors down. I made this decision awhile ago that I support young artists, and I encourage people to support young artists and buy young artists, so I want to reflect that in my fashion. I tend to buy clothes from emerging designers. I really like nice shoes though. I like good quality and I like young designers.

WWD: Is there much overlap between work and off-duty clothes for you?

C.T.: Yes. My entire life is overlapped — it’s definitely in my fashion, it’s in my friends, it’s in my time and energy. I don’t have a lot of separation between work and “nonwork.” At this point I have very few relationships or activities that are not somehow connected. In general, it’s kind of all intermingled, so the same thing with fashion. I’m obviously a little sloppier off work, and purposefully so. To some extent, when you come to work, you think more about how people see you and react to you, versus, “I don’t care what my friends think.”

Having an art gallery, in the end, no matter how you swing it, it’s still a sales position. While I don’t work my life that way or my community doesn’t necessarily feel that way, money is the blood of what keeps the gallery alive, and what keeps the whole system alive. So someone’s more likely to buy art from me if I’m looking put together. And I’m more likely to sell art if I’m looking put together. It’s a different mind-set. I dress the person that I am that day.

WWD: Do you have any favorite shops or designers?

C.T.: When it comes to shoes, I’m really big on Chanel and Prada. It’s the only time I’d drop those kind of labels. In shoes, they’re just really important, they’re masters of their craft. In terms of clothes, I’m varied. And it’s typical, I’m wearing two young designers and Prada shoes.

WWD: Would you say you follow fashion trends? Do you prefer to stay true to your style?

C.T.: No, I don’t follow fashion trends, although I don’t think any of us are immune to them. I definitely feel when something is out of fashion and no longer feels good to wear it. I’m not wearing bell-bottom jeans anymore. I kept one pair from the Sixties just in case. The trendy clothes that I have, usually my mom sends me. I have a mother and sister — my sister is in fashion, she works for Emilia Wickstead, and my mother’s really into shopping and fashion, so that helps my wardrobe, as well.

WWD: What’s your favorite purchase for the last few months and why?

C.T.: The shoes I just got from Tictail are awesome. Very comfortable, very cool, very trendy, pointy flats. I bought some winter shoes from [the same designer] as well. The other thing is my mother’s gotten super into costume jewelry, especially Oscar de la Renta, so I have all of these necklaces in all sorts of enormous shapes.

WWD: If you were given a choice, would you dress more formally or casually?

C.T.: I prefer an elegant casual. Especially when I can fix funk with elegance, I really like that. I really like a softness, and flowiness, a funkiness. I’m not big on what you should wear, and I’m not big on constraining pieces, I want to be able to move.Read more at:cheap formal dresses online

When it comes to fashion and beauty, women are always spoilt for choices. They always have a lot of options to chose from. And having more choices mean that the wardrobe is always filled with stuff. Clothes, accessories, jewelry, footwear and so much more. We have always given you some suggestions on the must haves for women in terms of fashion. This time we will tell you the basic essentials that every working woman must have in her wardrobe. For every working woman on the go, just follow stock up these things and you will always look stylish.

A white Tee or shirt

A white tee or a shirt is a must have in every working woman’s wardrobe. You cab team it up with anything and also opt for a mix and match. A white tee/shirt worn with a formal jacket and pants will make you look the true corporate fashionista.

A Tote bag

One big tote bag is all you need to keep all your daily stuff. You can opt for block colors which is perfect for a corporate look. It is handy and also comfortable for women who take commute in public transport.

A stylish Watch

Be it casual or formal, we believe that any look is complete only when you put on a stylish watch. It adds a touch of class and glamour to your overall look. Just go online and you will find a variety of options for watches.

A good pair of heels

A stilettos is another must have essential. It flatters your feet and your corporate looks classy AF! You could also opt for pumps or peep toes. Heel might hurt your feet after a point of time, so you could go for heels during meetings or conferences. Else keep a comfy pair of shoe handy. But just make sure you do have a sexy pair of heels.

A pencil skirt

Another wardrobe essential for working women is the pencil skirt. There are various designs to choose from. You can go for a printed skirt, stripes or a plain one. Wear a pencil skirt with a sexy shirt and heels and your corporate look is complete.

These are the 5 most important stuff that every working woman must have in her wardrobe. You will never fall short on different looks, because all these essentials can be mixed and matched based on your personal style sense.Read more at:year 10 formal dresses | bridesmaid dress

A wedding is a magical and special day for couples and hiring the right photographer will ensure the memories from the day will last.

These days most wedding photographers have websites with plenty of images from past weddings they have photographed. Elkin photographer Jennifer Kleinheksel of Jennifer K Photography suggests couples begin by perusing photographers’ websites to find what they like best. The decision also should be a personal one, Kleinheksel said.

“After you have looked through a ton of images online and have whittled down your possible photography choices, the most important thing, I think when selecting a wedding photographer, is that you meet with them in person,” she said. “This will give you a good sense right off the bat if they are the right one for you.

“This is one of the biggest days of your life, and your photographer will be with you every step of the way so make sure that your personalities match and don’t clash. They are a huge part of your wedding experience and day, so make sure that you like them as a person.”

There are many questions couples will likely want to ask of a potential wedding photographer. Here are the top five questions Kleinheksel suggests couples ask when booking a wedding photographer.

1. Does the photographer have a backup?

“By this, I mean do they have both a backup camera in case something were to happen to theirs while shooting your wedding, as well as if they have a backup person that can shoot for them if something were to happen to them and they can’t make it to your wedding day,” said Kleinheksel.

2. How many images will you receive from your event and how long after the event will the images, proofs, albums, etc. be ready?

“Each wedding photography studio varies in the time it takes to produce and deliver wedding images. Studios that do not do any post-production or color correction may try to entice you by saying your photos will be ready within the week, or even the next day. However, most professional studios that develop and produce their images will take anywhere from two weeks to six months,” Kleinheksel explained.

3. Does the photographer have insurance?

“Insurance protects not only the photographers’ equipment from theft, but it also provides liability protection in case a light falls over on Uncle Ned while he is cutting some awesome moves on the dance floor, as well as Aunt Janet if she were to trip over a photographers’ bag or light stand and break her leg,” said Kleinheksel. “If a wedding photographer does not have insurance, chances are they are new to the industry and have not shot a lot of weddings or they are not taking their business seriously.”

4. How are the photos processed and are the images color-corrected?

“Color correction is the most basic post-production, and should be done on every single image. If not done on every single image, or only on a select few, you may have a lot of pictures where skin tones are orange, yellow, red or even blue,” Kleinheksel said. “At my studio I color-correct every single image from the wedding day to make sure each and every image is a professional quality product.”

5. How many weddings has the photographer shot and have they photographed at the location where the event is being held?

“Weddings are very hard to shoot and a lot can go wrong, so it is important that your photographer have a lot of experience and be able to handle all of the small or big problems that can get thrown at them during a wedding day,” Kleinheksel said. “It can also be nice, although not necessary, for your photographer to have worked at a venue before. If they have shot at a venue before, they will know where they can or can’t go to photograph, as well as if there are any restrictions for use of the property. They will also already have ideas for where to get some great shots. That being said, if your photographer has not been there, they may be willing to go to the facility beforehand to get a general lay of the land, which will aid them in photographing your day.”Read more at:online formal dresses | bridesmaid dresses australia

The wife of the former PM opened the doors to her £1.5 million Cotswolds cottage to Harper’s Bazaar, giving a rare tell-all interview to the publication about Cefinn - her fledgling label - and her lifelong interest in fashion.

“I wanted to be an artist or a designer from an early age,” she told the publication. “In fact, my earliest memory is having the most terrible tantrum aged three when I insisted on wearing a beach dress to nursery school in the middle of winter, when it was snowing outside.”

It wasn’t until 2010, when she was pregnant with Florence, that Mrs. Cameron decided to pursue fashion designing full-time - resigning from her role as creative director of upmarket stationers Smythson.

With more time on her hands, she revealed to the publication that she began to take weekly pattern-cutting lessons in the Downing Street dining-room.

“I bought a basic sewing machine and then an overlocker (which joins seams) and a dressmaker’s dummy, and over a couple of years I shouted and screamed at the sewing machine and spent my time trying to hone those skills.”

A friend recalls: “She used to spend all her spare time in that room, listening to 6Music and experimenting with ideas.

“She would make up her dresses in plain cotton and try them out on her friends - and also wear them herself at private gatherings, always canvassing for opinions and making tweaks here and there.

“She really is just very good with her hands, a natural artisan. So her clothes are genuinely designed by her.”

Proving that she’s her own best advert, Mrs. Cameron appears in the September issue of the magazine dressed head-to-toe in Cefinn, which is named after the initials of her children.

The former PM's wife is pictured drinking tea in her country garden wearing a £210 blouse from the Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

She previously told Vogue that she launched the fashion label to offer something new to British shoppers.

“I felt that there was a lot of American and French brands out there that fit that bracket of designer contemporary with the right price point and the right styling, but there aren’t that many British brands which fill that space,” she said.

Mrs. Cameron also revealed to Harper’s Bazaar that when it comes to modern day fashion icons, First Lady Michelle Obama is her ultimate inspiration.

“Michelle is brilliant because she’s so confident and she’s got such dignity and intelligence but she embraces fashion and isn’t scared of her femininity,” she said.Read more at:year 10 formal dresses | formal wear sydney

“Will you marry me?” may have been music to her ears, but if we are to be really honest, the four words that every bride-in-the-making really wants to hear is, “Let’s go trousseau shopping?”

For the uninitiated, a trousseau (derived from the French word ‘trousse’ meaning bundle or case) refers to the paraphernalia of clothing, linen, and other essentials collected by a bride ahead of her marriage, which was traditionally packed in hope chests. Wealthy Victorians even practised the tradition of displaying trunks loaded with linens, china and clothes as part of the wedding festivities, in an event that was monikered ‘trousseau tea’.

Since times immemorial, curating an enviable trousseau has been the first order of business for most brides-to-be; one where she ideally does not want to spare any expense. For instance, when Italian noblewoman Catherine de’ Medici married into the French royal family in 1547, the Pope (also her uncle), had to utilise funds originally meant for the fortification of Florence to pay for chests of lace, silks, bed linen, and jewels. American-socialite-turned-Duchess-of-Windsor, Wallis Simpson’s trousseau boasted 66 trunks of clothes and accessories by Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli. Closer home, Maharani Gayatri Devi’s wedding trousseau was bursting with sheets from Czechoslovakia, Ferragamo shoes and bags from their factory in Florence, and mousseline de soie nightgowns from Paris.

For the modern bride, it is also about balancing this extravagance with a sense of practicality. Yes, the process does start out as all fun and games. But once the rose-tinted glasses come off and the novelty wears off, the realisation dawns that trousseau shopping, is in fact, a bride-to-be’s dream come true and biggest nightmare rolled into one.

Sure, it’s an excuse to go all Blair Waldorf or Cher Horowitz (take your pick) on your credit card, but nothing can quite prepare you for the overwhelming wave that is waiting to wash over you once you enter this sea of infinite options at your disposal. “I thought this was supposed to be fun—shopping has never been such a daunting and dreaded task for me before,” an exasperated soon-to-wed friend recently confided in me. So our guide is the ideal starting point for a bride-in-distress. Ditch the haphazard approach and tread one step at a time to keep any bouts of PTSD (post trousseau shopping disorder) at bay.

Draw up a list

Physical lists are highly underrated. Just take our word for it, and go old school with this one. Get yourself a personalised wedding planner if it helps. Dedicate separate lists to every area of your trousseau—think clothing, handbags, footwear, jewellery, make-up, bed linen, crockery, and other miscellaneous must-haves. Then move on to meticulously breaking down each list. Your clothing list should be further divided into Indian wear, everyday western wear, occasion wear, honeymoon clothes, swimwear, and so on. Assign a quantity to every last item on your list, but always value quality above all else. Since the list will set the tone for the shopping to follow, practicality should reign supreme. Don’t waste check boxes on whimsical items.

Take stock of what you already have

If your mum is of the quintessential Indian variety, chances are that she started curating your trousseau long before Mr Right even entered the picture—an exquisite Pashmina shawl from her last trip to Gulmarg, an elaborate silver dinner set from Bhattar that she has been adding to for years, a Jim Thompson toiletry set acquired in Bangkok, Murano showpieces from when your favourite aunt went to Italy, and on the list goes. Tick these off (phew!) your list already.

Set a budget

This is perhaps the most arduous part of the process. No one despises number crunching more than a bride, but it has got to be done. “I’ll get married only once,” will seem like a good enough reason for everything from buying an exorbitant exotic skin designer bag to wiping out Harrods’ beauty department. The urge to splurge will be stronger than usual; so tap into your very last reserve of self-restraint. We aren’t asking you to cut corners, but to exercise sensibility when allocating funds to various aspects of your trousseau. More pragmatic, less pompous is the dictum to swear by.

Do your research

‘Being spoilt for choice’ does not even begin to describe the sheer volume of options that will be thrown your way. Put on your Sherlock hat and do some serious digging around. Get recommendations from recently married or fashion-savvy friends, use the Internet and social media to compare collections and prices, and conduct a preliminary recce of what stores and bridal exhibitions are offering. This will ensure that you don’t end up with impulse purchases you regret later.

Create a game plan

Now that you’re armed with adequate ammo, you can confidently march onto the battlefield. Every item on your checklist should be assigned a deadline, but be strategic when doing so. For instance, sale season is an opportune time to shop for clothes, especially traditional occasion wear. Anything that is made-to-order should be a priority on your timeline. Delivery delays are bound to crop up, so factor that in. Use a trip abroad to stock up on lingerie and international brands (one can’t be thankful enough for VAT refunds). If you aren’t travelling yourself, identify friends or family members who you can ship certain items to. Aim at wrapping up all your shopping at least a month before the wedding. That way, you still have a buffer period if end up running behind schedule.

Now would also be a good time to add finishing touches to your trousseau. Order blouses for all those chiffon and Benarasi saris your grandmother passed on to you, order plastic covers to store your Indian wear in, and have the jeweller polish all your bridal sets.

Be open-minded

While it helps to have a clear idea of what you want, being rigid will only be counter-productive. Leave room for sweet surprises—be open to brands, styles, silhouettes, and designs you probably never considered before.

And while you may fall in love with a certain brand or trend, don’t go crazy just yet. There is something to be said about variety, after all. The end game is to create a trousseau that is as versatile and classic as it is up-to-the-minute. Balance is more than a buzzword in this case.Read more at:online formal dresses | bridesmaid gowns

The 22-year-old model has admitted she used to be "super girly" but after being signed to Models 1 at the age of 14 she has started to tone down her everyday style and "not care" about the outfits she wears.

Speaking to The Debrief about her wardrobe choices, the brunette beauty said: "Before I was modelling I was that girl that was super girly, I wouldn't leave the house without make-up and I would wear heels just to go shopping. And I feel having this job has forced me to not care, which is weird because people would think because you are a model you would care so much about what people think.

"I feel like comfort is my main priority because when I am on set I'm always in sometimes the craziest clothes because after a long day of working and after when I get back into my clothes I want to feel my best."

And the fashion muse follows the same rule with her hair and make-up, and she will take a break from wearing cosmetic products when she is not working.

She explained: "When I'm not working most times I'm so exhausted I just wasn't to give my hair a break, my skin a break and I just want to blend in."

However, the star has revealed when she has dressed down for a spot of retail therapy she has noticed the sales team have treated her differently.

Neelam explained: " Sometimes, I'll just be dressed in a tracksuit and trainers when I'm not working, and I can go into a high-end, they give me a bit of attitude and I think that 'Oh she can't afford to buy anything'. Whereas I've been in other times really dressed up and the sales people are really attentive, so you definitely see a change."

And the catwalk icon feels she has become a "character" when she goes on set of a photoshoot and is completely transformed after being styled by hair and beauty experts.

She said: "I go into work really understated and then I have hair and make-up and styling, clothes can really transform you. I almost become a character, because some fo the clothes are so strong and structure. I don't really get shy."Read more at:formal dresses online australia | bridesmaid dress


We all know the old saying about the cobbler’s children having no shoes, but what about the woman who spends all day surrounded by the latest styles and has only to find her size in order to have one of each? Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but what styles do those in the know plan to put in their own closets this fall? We spent some time recently with one of the most-loved experts in town, and here is what Musette Stern, owner of Muse Shoe Studio, had to say.

What is the must-have shoe for fall?

I don’t exactly need to reiterate my love for ankle boots. This no-nonsense, comfortable footwear can be easily worn with everything from jeans to dresses, from day to night. Pair them with skinny jeans, long tunics or sweaters. I’ll be adding fun accents to my personal collection this fall, like zippers, metal hardware, embroidery, stacked heels, fur trims, and velvet.

If we can only buy three new pairs of shoes/boots what would they be?

While simple and minimal style ankle boots are must-have staples, there are some new styles that add interest and an edge to any look. Try the short boot that is hugging the ankle a bit more closely and comes up a bit higher — it gives a more modern and contemporary look. Pull it off by styling with cuffed straight-leg jeans.

The slide has gained cult status. An important new look on the scene is this simple slip on silhouette. Here is a trend we can love – low-key plus fashion forward. I’d say try a mule slide on a block heel or a flat backless loafer.

Again with the resurgence of flat comfortable shoes, the sneaker is a major trend that is here to stay. The sneaker pairs well with everything from dresses to jeans and has been a staple within the fashion crowd for a while.

What never goes out of style?

The chic kitten heel pump is a timeless classic look. And I am happy to say it is making a strong come-back on the fashion scene. To make it more current, take your full-on old-school kitten heel and look for bold hues, architectural details and metallic touches. Dress them down and wear everyday with jeans and cropped ankle pants.

What shoe goes into your closet every time?

Personally, I love pointy-toe flats. I often wear a dressier version with jeans. The perfect pointy-toe flat can make your everyday look turn sophisticated. I like mine in a multitude of styles – patterned, mixed medium, lace up, ankle-strap, d’orsay or slide. In every way, they are a mainstay in my closet!

What is one shoe you will never wear again?

I have put away my Tevas, Danskos and all my stilettos.Read more at:australian formal dresses | best formal dresses

Blac Chyna's 15k gig
(Photo:online formal dresses australia)

Blac Chyna was paid $15,000 for a club appearance over the weekend.

The 29-year-old reality TV star - who recently splashed out $334,000 on a 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider - hosted a party at Project Club Los Angeles but was paid the lump sum in cash before she began working, TMZ reports.

Chyna and her new boyfriend Mechie spent one hour at the club before leaving.

Meanwhile, Chyna - who has daughter Dream Renée, eight months, with former fiancé Rob Kardashian and son King Cairo, four, from her previous romance with Tyga - recently insisted she is financially independent.

She said: "I make my own money. I've been making my own money for a very, very long time. My first job was at McDonald's when I was 15.

"Years later, right after I had King, I wanted to do something that expressed myself, so I started Lashed Cosmetics. The lipsticks, the full skincare line, the beauty bar and 88Fin clothing trickled down from that. Nobody supports me at all. If anything, I've gotten other people more money ... I'll leave it at that."

She also insisted that she gave Rob back several gifts after they split up.

She said: "I gave back Rob's jewels because I feel as though I can't be bought. I'm not going to let [him] hang something over my head anymore. I also read that he said that he took the cars back. No, he did not. Those cars were leased, and I was going to have to give them back anyway.

"But the day he posted all that stuff, I had two of my assistants drive the cars over to his house along with the jewels, along with my engagement ring. You know what? I didn't even ask Robert for anything back. I'd actually bought him a Range Rover."Read more at:semi formal dress code

(Photo:bridesmaid dresses)

Held last week in SM Aura’s atrium, graduating students from the Fashion Design and Merchandising program of CSB showed off their designs which made over a period of six months, according to Christine Benet, program coordinator for Fashion Design and Merchandising.

While the fashion show in SM Aura’s Samsung Hall veered more towards elaborate couture creations, the exhibit downstairs leaned more towards more casual designs, while styling as a skill was also shown in one part of the exhibit.

“Not everyone wants to do haute couture,” said Ms. Benet, noting that some students would really rather go into the business side of fashion, so most of the collections shown at the exhibit were placed under brands, which the students would one day establish.

“Casual” is relative here: young designer Ju Young Kim showed a series of white outfits including a white shift dress running with red and blue threads (a motif repeated throughout the collection), while styling student Emiko Muraoka showed off a collection featuring dark and glamorous looks inspired by the Tokyo fashion scene.

Meanwhile, a brand called Always Sandy showed off bridal wear in translucent fabrics elaborately stitched with fabric petals, and another called Sela showed a collection of nautical-inspired pieces. A brand called Marga was unabashedly feminine, showing puffy, flowing dresses in various shades of pink, perfect for a girly-girl who will never quite grow old. A brand called Bulsa showed shift dresses with patchwork pockets in leather, and finally, a brand that caught BusinessWorld’s eye was a designer named Joanna Paola Miculob, who showed a collection of menswear embroidered with equations, that according to her, show unlimited possibilities, as inspired by the 2011 movie Source Code.

Throughout the exhibit, one saw that students worked with materials such as discarded luggage and umbrella ribs, as well as items from thrift stores, which were then remade and deconstructed.

“We alloted a lot of effort for them to do fabric manipulation,” said Ms. Benet. CSB encourages students to really explore the world of textiles, even down to its chemical instruction, with instructors who had learned techniques from around the world (Ms. Benet, for example, was educated in the science in Milan) and the Philippines through the Philippine Textile Research Institute. “We want them to really start from scratch, start from nothing,” Ms. Benet said.

The importance of teaching students to explore fabric, as well as the possibly of creating their own textiles, addresses a gap in the manufacturing industry. “There’s not much fabric available in the Philippines,” said Ms. Benet.

As such, Filipinos, as they are wont to do, fall back on talent to bridge the gap between what could be, and what is readily available.

“Their design process is from a creative talent, not from inspiration out there.”Read more at:www.queenieau.com

(Photo:formal dresses online)

Manpriya Singh

In the celeb kingdom, if any two people turned up at the same event, wearing similar (let alone same) outfit, it didn’t just end with a fired stylist or a reprimanded designer. The onlookers would snigger, the media said ‘same pinch’ and the blogs would debate ‘Who wore it better’ and only then it was the end of the matter. Till of course, long time pals Shea Marie and Caroline Vreeland went about town launching the twinning trend with the matching ‘best friends’ leather jacket. Tommy Hilfiger followed it up at New York Fashion Week last September by sending pairs and pairs of models dressed in the same outfit. Earlier this year in Paris, all inspired by the collection, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik were sported twinning in preppy Tommy Hilfiger sweat shirts. Even the brand’s official instagram handle read ‘Twinning, the Tommy Hilfiger way.’

Turn awkward into awesome

At the same fashion week held last year (NYFW), two twin models paraded the runway in matching off shoulder dresses while showcasing for label Monse; popular designer Rebecca Minkoff further re-inforced the seasonal preference for two. The finale saw the designer herself walk with the showstopper, while wearing matching black leather jacket with inscriptions at the back. That was it. Identical wardrobe is no more the awkward it used to be. It’s the ‘it thing’. It’s on. Givenchy’s duplicate space cadets were yet another big twinning moment on the streets during the fashion week.

Comparison, new form of flattery

Similarly dressed celebrities only invite spotlight. While at it, some more attention on their individuality? “It’s a trend which somewhere borrows from the need of the hour also. Handful of big designers come up with signature collections and in each outfit that is a part of one collection, the designers use matching elements, similar hues, same print or something like that,” opines Neha Bhalla, fashion designer, having passed-out from INIFD Chandigarh, who also loves to read the ‘Who Wore It Better’ blog. “When any two celebrities end up wearing similar outfits, it’s absolute fun to compare. It’s a lesson in stylizing. I’d love to wear one matching element with my best pals while stepping out if it’s not a very important family occasion,” she adds.

Twinning & Bollywood

Karisma Kapoor made it a point to share with all her Instagram followers when her bestie and sister Kareena Kapoor and she sported matching white sneakers. twinning??whitesneakers??sistersquadgoals#girlsdayout, she’d captioned the picture. Much earlier, Alia Bhatt, while similarly dressed at the airport with her sister, had instagrammed, ‘And on a separate note twinning with the sister wearing two major emotions that dominate our lives!’

Pretend to befriend the other woman, slink out of the nearest door or happily get instagrammed with a caption twinning with a stranger. Either which ways, there is yet another option, make it work!Read more at:formal dresses brisbane

They first met at Marlborough Girls' College and now good friends Katie Foley-Taylor, left, and Jordan Peipi, right, are ...
(Photo:online formal dresses)

They became friends at school and now two former Marlborough Girls' College students are making their mark in the world together.

Jordan Peipi and Katie Foley-Taylor became firm friends after meeting at the Blenheim school.

While they expected to always stay in touch, the pair was delighted when they ended up working together and have just finished helping organise their first big charity event.

Both young women found their niche working for children's life skills and development initiative Kiwi Can in Marlborough.

They have been helping put the finishing touches to the charity's Chefs Night Out and Fashion Show fundraiser, which takes place on August 5 at Wither Hills.

Katie, a keen dancer, says working for the group has been amazing.

"It's so cool to be a 'best friend' to 400 mini-people. I love that I get to be a kid again. At lunch times I even get to play in the playground. It's great that Jordan and I ended up working for the same company," she says.

Kiwi Can provides pupils from year 1 to 8 with the chance to build self-confidence and learn valuable life skills through a special developmental programme.

Founded in the late 1990's and run in primary and intermediate schools across New Zealand, the programme has the biggest uptake in Marlborough.

A national rep in both volleyball and touch rugby, Jordan says being a Kiwi Can leader is a "perfect job."

"It mixes my passion for sports and working with children. I have fun at work every single day, " she says.

The Chef's Night Out and Fashion Show will feature models strutting their stuff on a catwalk in the barrell hall at Wither Hills. Staff at the winery are in the process of moving hundreds of barrels to make room.

The fashion show is sponsored by Thomas's Department Store and Bidfoods are providing the ingredients which will be used by top Marlborough chefs, including Ross Harrison from Wither Hills and Jason Brown from The Marlborough Lodge.Read more at:cheap formal dresses

Webwarenhuis Fonq heeft de fashion merken DKNY, Ted Baker, Guess en Ray-Ban aan het assortiment toegevoegd met als doel het aanbod modeaccessoires op de site fors uit te breiden. Daarmee beweegt het online warenhuis zich richting het terrein van de modebranche, hoewel Fonq zich voorlopig alleen op accessoires en niet op kleding richt. Wel sokken, slippers en sieraden dus, maar geen schoenen en T-shirts.

Percentage lifestyleproducten mag omhoog bij Fonq

Momenteel bestaat het lifestyleassortiment van Fonq uit zo'n 10.000 producten. Dat is ongeveer 15 procent van het totaalaanbod van de site. Dat percentage kan omhoog, zegt CEO Joost Wels in het persbericht. "Eind vorig jaar hebben we onze doelgroep geherdefinieerd en geconstateerd dat we onze hoofddoelgroep nog beter kunnen bedienen door uitbreiding in lifestyle accessoires. We bedienden de Fonq-klant met mooie producten voor in en om het huis, maar voor een tas, horloge of zonnebril moest hij naar een andere winkel. Toen we met lifestyle accessoires startten, was er geen andere aanbieder in het midden- en hoog segment waar je tegelijk een mooie barbecue, nieuwe stoelen en een trendy horloge kon kopen”, aldus Wels.

Uitbreiding van het lifestyle assortiment past in de strategie van Fonq dat de retailformule verder wil uitrollen. Het bedrijf richt zich op de verkoop van A-merken, opkomende merken en premium merken voor koken, wonen en lifestyle. Ten einde het productaanbod in de categorie lifestyle te verbeteren is Fonq dit jaar gestart met de verkoop van tassen, reisbagage, horloges, sieraden en zonnebrillen. Wels: “In het begin hebben we ons vooral gericht op het toevoegen van mooie lokale en Scandinavische merken. Het is belangrijk om eerst een sterkumfeld te creëren. Nu dat staat, ligt de focus op global brands."

Wels zegt ook dat het productaanbod van Fonq later dit jaar of begin 2018 verder zal worden uitgebreid. Met welke productcategorieën precies en of daar ook kleding bij komt, houdt het bedrijf nog onder de pet.

Fonq werd vorig jaar overgenomen door investeringsfonds AJS Holdings van Ad Scheephouwer. Tot 2016 maakte het webwarenhuis deel uit van RFS Holland dat ook egenaar is van Wehkamp. Het bedrijf rapporteerde over 2015 een jaaromzet van 66 miljoen euro. Sinds de overname worden geen omzetcijfers meer gecommuniceerd.Read more at:queenieau.com | cheap formal dresses

This is when you know it’s time to break-up with your facialist
(Photo:best formal dresses)

Often it’s hard to know when the time is right to say goodbye to the men and women who help with your skin and hair care needs for new, greener pastures. Yes, sometimes treatments can stop working, don’t push you or just get a little boring and that’s when it’s think: break-up

But how does one actually say goodbye to their beauty therapist after years of faithful service? Well, we quizzed Trump Spa manager Dianah Todoro on a break-up of this nature and she threw in some winter skincare tips for good measure.

So take notes:

What are the biggest mistakes you see people make with their skin in winter?

“Lack of hydration, especially the body. During winter most clients are experiencing the same skin concern, they feel it’s dull and dehydrated during winter time. When the season changes so should your skincare.”

What are the biggest mistakes you see people make with their hair in winter?

“Not keeping up with intense hair treatments. Once a week a deep conditioning treatment is recommended to rehydrate and moisturise the hair as cold winds and heat from inside can affect the moisture level of your hair.”

What advice do you have for looking after your skin in winter?

“Hydrate! Products containing hylaronic acid to plump skin and keep skin locked with hydration is essential for winter time. Having a thorough consultation with your therapist to discuss your skin needs. Face masks are great to do weekly to boost hydration and soften the skin. AHA skin peels to resurface and brighten skin during the winter months when we feel our skin is dull and lacking radiance. Keeping the body exfoliated to slough of dead skin using a relaxing sugar scrub with jasmine and green tea extracts followed by a nourishing rich body cream with quinoa extracts which melts into the skin.”

When do you know it's time to break-up with your facialist?

“Most people think it's time to break up when you have achieved your desired results and you have been given the correct home care to continue these results at home however, we believe that it is so important to continue and maintain these great results by having in salon treatments with your facialist. We do think it's time to break up if you’re not getting any results or seeing changes of improvement in your skin."

What advice do you have for breaking-up with your facialist?

“Communication is key. Make sure you are following up with any issues you are having at home with your skin or your home care routine. If you’re not seeing any changes or getting the right service then it's time to try someone new.”

How often should someone see their beauty therapist?

“This depending on the individually needs, for example, if there is a specific skin concern where intense treatments are required then a weekly tailored program may be implemented. For skin maintenance, every four weeks is ideal.”Read more at:formal wear melbourne

Okay, yes, sure, you love your family, your friends, and who doesn’t like a party? But at this point, isn’t enough very nearly enough? All around you, everyone you know—gay and straight, rich or poor, young or not so—is taking their vows, planning ceremonies on beaches, mountaintops, gold-plated banquet halls, picturesque shanties. And you, their dear friend, are in the pews, in the sand, in the weeds, guaranteed to weep as you always do at the first chords of the organ, or the first reedy notes from the lone guitarist—the bride’s cousin!—strumming the wedding march.

Don’t let those tears make a return appearance when you get this month’s credit card bill. You want these wonderful weddings to be occasions of pure joy, not the gateway to personal bankruptcy. Then again, you do want to wear something festive, something gorgeous to these myriad affairs. Plus, all your friends know one another; you don’t want to show up in the same flimsy ensemble, again and again.

Which is why, as our special midsummer gift to you, we have prepared this guide to wedding dressing on a budget: everything from charming dotted frocks to emerald satin slippers to gossamer feather earrings to sparkle-clasped clutches you will want to have and to hold from this day forth and forever.Read more at:australian formal dresses | formal wear sydney

Similar to the change in your wardrobe during monsoon, your hair and make-up also needs an alteration during this season. Make-up professional Nishi Mulchandani says, "To make your make-up stay on for long during the rains, you need to change some products and routine to suit the climate."

Ditch that black kohl

While smudged eyes do look great, you don't want to end up looking as if you've cried the entire day! Opt for a gel eyeliner instead. Not only will it stay on for long, but will also give you the same colour depth and intensity.

Keep the liquid foundation off the shelf

If you have a habit of applying liquid foundation when stepping out during the evening, you can alternate that with a compact powder or a BB cream. Beauty professional Meghna Butani says, "The longevity of liquid foundation as opposed to a compact powder is less. Humidity in the air is high during the monsoon, so there is a chance of the liquid foundation melting off your face."

Stay clear off non-waterproof make-up products

Make sure that you give your non-waterproof make-up a break during this time and instead go in for the ones which will protect you from the rains. Butani says, "These days you have all kinds of products which are water-proof - whether it is a kohl, mascara, foundation or even a lip shade."

Say no to creamy concealer

The moisture in the air during this season is often paired with sweat-inducing effect of the humid weather. So, unless you want the imperfections on your skin to show, stay away from creamy concealers which have the tendency to melt off your face during this time. You can choose from a wide range of crayon concealers which are a great alternative to their creamy counterparts.

Give your lip gloss a break

It's not just the skin, your lips also tend to get dry during the rains and thus it isn't a great idea to go in for a lip gloss. Mulchandani says, "Instead choose lip shades which have extra moisture in them so that they last for a long time."

Don't straighten/rebond your hair

It isn't restricted to make-up alone. Humidity also has the power to make your hair greasy and frizzy, giving you bad hair days. Beautician Sunaina Singh Verma says, "This is not the right time to go in for hair treatments like straightening or rebonding. Initially, your hair may look good, but after a couple of washes, it can get messy. Instead, hair smoothening or spa treatments may make your mane look sleek and shiny".Read more at:http://www.queenieau.com | sydney formal dress shops

The stereotypical image of a ‘bridezilla’ has been brought back to public attention over the matter of glasses, thanks to the quandary of a bridesmaid who says her future sister-in-law has banned her from wearing them to her brother’s wedding.

People have flocked to the Reddit thread commenting with sympathy, outrage and criticism.

The future bridesmaid described her dilemma of being asked by the future bride to go without glasses for the entirety of the occasion, despite not being able to wear contact-lenses, because candid photographs would also be taken.

“I don't know why she thinks this is a good idea, my glasses are fashionable and I've been told by multiple people that I look better with them on,” she wrote.

“My vision is terrible, so I'd have to be led around everywhere, I'd never be able to find anyone if I needed them for anything,” she added.

The bridesmaid explained that her future sister-in-law has continued insisting that she cannot wear the glasses despite her attempting a compromise by not wearing them for only the ceremony. She also added that her brother: “shrugged his shoulders and asked me to try to do it, because it meant a lot to her.”

Asking for advice and suggestions in the Reddit thread, the future bridesmaid said she didn’t know whether the wedding was making her sister-in-law “crazy and obsessed with things that don’t matter.”

One person replied: “Your compromise totally sounds sane. The fact she wants you not to have your eyes on (basically, I'm blind too! lol) for the rest of the evening is bridezilla insane.”

“It doesn't matter if you have the most sparkly, white, crystal, idc glasses - you cannot force someone to not wear pair of glasses for sake of ‘feel’,” they added.

Another person agreed with their sentiment, commenting: “I actually think the compromise is going too far! Asking a person to not wear their glasses is totally unreasonable.”

One woman said that she too had shared the experience and that it had led to the end of her friendship with the bride. The bride said the woman’s glasses would “ruin" her photos.

“This was right after I spent a thousand dollars on the bridesmaid dress she picked out, cross-country flight to her hometown, and hotel she chose.”

“I decided right then that we weren't friends anymore,” she added.Read more at:formal wear brisbane | semi formal dress code

iim ahmedabad, iim admission, cat 2017, iim mba, iima, iim admission 2017, iim pgp, IIM Pgp-fabm, akanksha choudhary, education news
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The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad has finalised the 2017-19 batch and has noted that it has acquired a very diverse batch with regard to gender, work experience and educational background. Some of these students have already achieved awards and recognition in various professions including film-making, sports and fashion.

“These are interesting times. The increasing diversity is a testament to the increasing relevance and acceptability of Management education and to the vision of the Director and Leadership of the Institute. It is extraordinary and enriching to witness a Rocket Scientist and a Miss India Elite engage in an argument in the same class,” said IIMA Students’ Affairs Council general secretary Mohammed Raafi.

Here are some interesting professionals who are now part of the 2017-2019 Batch.

1. Miss India Elite Akanksha Choudhary:

Winner of national peagent Miss India Elite, Akanksha Choudhary is a graduate of Shri Ram College Of Commerce with a bachelor’s degree in Economic Honours. She will also represent the country in the international pageant Miss Face of Beauty International in September 2017. She has joined IIMA to improve her skills and become an expert consultant who would “not survive but thrive”.

2. International tennis player Rashmi Teltumbde:

Rashmi Teltumbde finished her undergraduate degree from Texas Tech University in the US as BBA in Economics and Management in 2014 and has won 14 academic awards there. She has also represented the country in 3 junior Grand Slams (two Australian Open and US Open) and also captained the junior Indian Fed Cup team. She believes a degree from IIMA would equip and ensure her goals would be reached quickly.

3. UrbanThela founder and entrepreneur Anchal Taatya:

Anchal Taatya’s current start-up, Urban Thela – Superfood Company won the first prize in BYST (Tata Trust and IFCI organisation) B-plan competition. He was also awarded the Best All-Round student award at NITK Surathkal.

“I am doing MBA, because till now, I was running business intuitively, but I realized this is what I want to do for the rest of my life and it makes sense to have a strong technical foundation in business management,” says Anchal.

4. Award winning Cinematographer and Moviemaker CS Prakhyat

A self-taught Internationally acclaimed filmmaker with a diverse portfolio of documentaries, short films, music videos, advertisements and promo videos, CS Prakhyat has made 9 award-winning short films which have fetched him 17 International Film Festival selections, spanning the USA, UK, Canada, Slovenia and India. He decided to pursue MBA to learn how to manage a film crew better and to develop a marketing acumen to increase the outreach of his films.

5. Fashion designer Aditi Agarwal

Aditi Agarwal is a fashion design graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and has worked with Chikankari, a native hand-embroidery firm in Lucknow under the brand of “Go Lucknow”.

“To pursue my passion, I decided to go for design, but I soon realized that formal management training was the needed for me to take my family business forward which is my ambition in future,” says she.Read more at:formal wear sydney

Thobile Khoza turned heads with her revealing outfit.

Rural horse racing, leisure fashion and good times were the order of the day at the Dundee July 2017 held on Saturday.

Despite the extremely windy conditions, everyone who attended the event seemed determined to make the most of it. Now in its 13th year, this rural horse racing spectacle has grown in leaps and bounds.

Among the mix of attendees was the MEC for Arts and Culture, Bongi Sithole-Moloi, who said she was focused on ensuring that this year’s event showed improvement from the last.

“We focused on identifying our weaknesses which included security, traffic control and infrastructure upgrade.

“This year we also extended the rural horse-riding programme to all districts, including Nkandla, Pietermaritzburg, Ladysmith, Nquthu, eDumbe, Harry Gwala and Amajuba,” said Sithole-Moloi.

“We are confident that the event has moved to the next level and will grow even bigger in years to come,” she said.

The crowd, who were mostly locals, came out in their numbers to support their favourite jockeys and get a glimpse of some serious fashion. The KZN Fashion Council this year mentored a few designers who showcased some spectacular low-cost designs.

The term “low cost” shouldn’t detract from the hard work involved in the process of designing, sewing and showcasing their brands.

This year, the theme for the fashion aspect was Afro leisure, and the designers attacked the task with enthusiasm.

The combination of elements of Africa and leisure were showcased in an eye-catching array of garments.

In the categories for Best Dressed Male and Best Ensemble, Utrecht designer Jabulile Tshabalala emerged victorious. The Best Dressed Female award went to Zandile Masando for her flamboyant outfit.

In keeping with expanding the event, more designers were added to the showcase list as compared to last year’s event.Read more at:formal dresses adelaide | formal dresses

There’s no denying it: French women always manage to look effortlessly beautiful no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

From ridiculously gorgeous top models like Lily Rose Depp to insanely talented actress’s Marion Cotillard and Léa Seydoux – they’re not only killing it at their careers but they’re exuding that classic French gal style.

Be spoke with celebrity make-up artists Sonia Allen and Anthony Adams for some quick and easy steps you can follow to get that classic Paris girl look just in time for Bastille Day.

Rock ared lip

“One thing French women love is their red lips. There are many shades and hues out there, though trust me, there is one for everybody,” Anthony said.

“The beauty of a red lip is not only does it look downright amazing when done well, but it also makes your teeth look whiter.”

If you’re looking for a subtle red lip, Sonia recommends the Touch in Sol Technicolor Lip & Cheek Tints from Priceline or The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stains.


Use lip liner after applying your lipstick to make your lines look perfect.

To sharpen the edges and give it that flawless look, put some concealer on a small brush and erase any mistakes.

Blot your lipstick with a tissue and applying again for longevity and depth of colour.

Scrap thesmokey eye

“To keep the look French, avoid going over-the-top with eye makeup,” Sonia said.

“Just apply some lash-lengthening mascara like the Smith & Cult Lash Dance Mascara.”

To get that smoldering eye look without going overboard, Sonia says to apply eyeliner to the upper inner eye to prevent it appearing too heavy.

She recommends the iT Cosmetics No Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner and Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon.

Likewise Anthony says “simplicity is key” when it comes to rocking a chic and minimal eye.

“Using subtle natural shades or a beautiful sharp winged liner with minimal shadow will give the ‘look’,” he said.


Use gel eyeliner so you have more control over how much product you’re applying.

Always apply with your eyes open looking down at a mirror. A good guideline is to extend the line on the top lid following the edge and natural curve of the bottom lash line. Going any higher or lower will change the look of your eye and also the wing.

Use a small piece of Sellotape and follow your bottom lash line placing it out to the edge you want to create. Then apply your liner going from your sharp tip edge, back onto the lash line.

For that cat eye look, start your wing at the middle of your top lash line. By going all the way into the inner corner, it changes the shape that does not suit every eye.

Clean clear skin is the only way

Flawless skin is what French gals are known for and Sonia says you want it to look like you've spent a summer month on the French Riviera - clear, healthy and glowing.

“Invest in great skincare like a balancing cleanser, moisturiser, SPF, exfoliator and oils for night,” she said.

She recommends Jurlique Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Face Oil and the Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops - Radiance.

To get a dewy glow, stick with a light reflecting and illuminating foundation to give you that sunkissed look.

Try iT Cosmetics Illuminating CC Cream or the Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser, which are great for all skin types.


Experiment with tinted moisturisers. They can give you coverage, sun protection and dewiness all-in-one.

Leave your powder at home; this look is all about the highlighted skin look.Read more at:year 10 formal dresses | bridesmaid gowns

The ultimate bridal beauty countdown: Week of wedding
(Photo:bridesmaid dress)

Time has nearly run out beautiful brides-to-be, but some beauty prep really does need to be left to the last minute. After a wonderful six-month skincare regime and those last minute tweaks in the weeks leading up to your big day, in the days before you say I do you should be concentrating on your tan and nails.

Not all brides will want a tan, and others of you will be lucky enough to get a natural glow either by jetting off before your nuptials or holding your wedding somewhere hot and sunny.

For those of you not able to catch some rays (while wearing SPF obviously), a spray tan is your best friend.

"A sunless tan has become one of the key essentials in looking and feeling radiant on a bride's special day, and getting the perfect wedding day glow needn't be stressful," St. Tropez tanning and skin finishing expert Emma Kotch told Cover Media.

"For me, a spray tan is essential. With so many options and finishes, finding one that complements you and your dress can be a minefield. Just like you would with a hair of make-up appointment, make sure you've trialled your tan so there are no surprises on the day, It also gives the opportunity to bond with your tanner so you both understand the colour you'd like."

Emma suggests having a trial tan at least two weeks before the wedding to ensure the colour works on you, and advises opting for a lighter tan if you're dress is white and a medium shade if you've gone for an ivory gown.

Once your happy, get your final tan two days before you walk down the aisle.

"That way you're guaranteed that there will be no transfer onto your dress," Emma explained.

"I generally feel that a spray tan's best colour is on day two anyway, so if you're getting married on a Saturday, have your tan on the Thursday. Then the tan has time to develop, set and calm for a flawless photo finish."

However if you're pushed for time and can't get to a tanning expert until the day before, fear not. Emma's advice in this situation is to shower the evening of the tan and then again in the morning to make sure there are no transferable traces of the faux glow left on your skin.

And lastly if you prefer to tan yourself at home, Emma suggests using St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mist.

Other at home favourites are Bondi Sands Tanning Foam and Mist, MADAME LA LA's lightweight mousse and Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse.Read more at:australian formal dresses

British retailer Fenwick has long been a proponent of new ideas. In the late 1800s, John James Fenwick became an early adopter of what was, at the time, a decidedly French concept: the department store. He travelled to Paris and was inspired by goings-on at Le Bon Marché, widely regarded as the world’s first-ever department store. He promptly brought the business model back to England.

Fenwick’s outward-looking spirit is being reiterated today, with the launch of a unique in-store pop-up in the brand’s Bond Street store, presenting the work of 10 UAE-based creatives. The initiative is being spearheaded by the Sharjah-headquartered Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council, which is part of the NAMA Women Advancement Establishment, and was launched specifically to raise awareness of designers and artisans in the UAE.

The organisation’s mission is to develop an “internationally recognised presence and sustainable future for those practising both modern and traditional crafts”; there could hardly be a better platform than a 126-year-old department store in one of the swankiest pockets of London.

“Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council aims to empower women by developing new market opportunities and sectors for crafts, and reviving the skills and cultural heritage of the UAE,” Reem BinKaram, director of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment, explains. “The council works to help its members create a fresh, contemporary narrative.”

For the pop-up, fashion, jewellery and home accessories by 10 designers are on sale for a two-month period.Dedicated displays and product placements in the store’s windows will also go a long way in promoting the UAE’s creative know-how to Mayfair’s well-heeled shoppers.

“London is one of the global fashion capitals and, as such, is an important market to build recognition and the credibility of UAE-based designers, enabling our talent to showcase their skills on an international stage, and reach a new audience,” says BinKaram.

The pop-up is the latest in a long line of tie-ups that Irthi has entered into with British entities. One of the first was a collection of handbags created in partnership with leather goods specialist Asprey London, called One Stitch at a Time, which featured traditional Emirati talli embroidery.

Additionally, Irthi has an ongoing collaboration with the UK Crafts Council to deliver a series of workshops in Sharjah; and has teamed up with the London College of Fashion for its Azyame Fashion Entrepreneurs Programme, which offers Emirati fashion designers a one-year mentorship programme.

Items on offer as part of the pop-up include jewellery by Alia bin Omair, who has a predilection for 18K gold, presenting it almost unworked, as if has been taken back to its most basic form – an idea that is reinforced by the names of her pieces: Nuggets, Resin, and Flakes.

There is clothing by Align, a womenswear brand helmed by Emirati designers Sara Al Mahmoud and Asma Khoory, and by Palestinian designer Faissal El-Malak, who grew up between the GCC and Canada, and returned to Dubai in 2014. His autumn/winter 2017 collection, Morphology, plays with the idea of “non-gendered forms”, offering menswear that is unashamedly colourful and dotted with embellishment, while women are adorned in overtly tailored pieces characterised by exaggerated lines and unexpected volume. The designer has incorporated handwoven fabrics from Yemen, and cotton and linen from Egypt, into the collection.

There is also jewellery by Emirati designer Amal Haliq, who creates earrings spotted with topaz, tourmalines and rose quartz, as well as chunky, colourful, vintage-looking rings and necklaces.

Also on show are more established names and fashion labels such as Madiyah Al Sharqi, Latifa Al Gurg’s Twisted Roots and Zayan Ghandour of Zayan the Label and S*uce fame. Sheikha Hind bint Majed Al Qasimi, of Designed by Hind, will present her unique, UAE-inspired porcelain tableware creations.

The brands are united in the fact that they do not have stockists in the UK. “This requirement was made so that the council would be opening up a new market for them in the truest sense,” says BinKaram.

To select the featured designers, Irthi initially looked to the Azyame Fashion Entrepreneurs Programme and chose five designers who displayed particular potential. For the remaining five slots, the organisation put out an open call. Successful applicants were then invited to showcase their products in an exhibition at the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which allowed the Irthi team to review their work.

Finally, a delegation from Fenwick of Bond Street visited Sharjah in March, with a team of buyers. “The final decisions were based on merit and the designers’ long-term potential – they needed to have the capacity to produce orders to the highest standard and have a strong commitment to grow their business internationally,” says BinKaram.

“Fenwick is one of the most renowned luxury department stores in the UK, with an international outlook and commitment to supporting emerging talent,” she adds. “We were impressed with the way that the store viewed this as not just a short-term partnership, but one that would see UAE labels become regularly displayed collections at the store.”Read more at:bridesmaid gowns | online formal dresses

Van Tran models the wedding dress she created using toilet paper, glue, tape and a needle and thread. Photo courtesy of Cheap Chic Weddings/Quilted Northern
(Photo:formal dresses online)

Wedding gowns are usually made of lace, tulle, satin, or other traditionally feminine materials. But a wedding gown constructed from toilet paper? That’s the tricky task the 10 finalists in the 13th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest will have to find a way fulfill.

A Bushwick woman, Van Tran, is one of the finalists in the contest that is sponsored by Cheap-Chic-Weddings.com and presented by Quilted Northern Bath Tissue.

Tran is also the defending champion in the quirky competition, having won the top prize in the 12th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest last year.

Cheap-Chic-Weddings.com is an online company specializing in offering tips to brides on how to have a dream wedding that is also fiscally sound.

Thousands of contestants from all across the U.S. entered the toilet tissue creativity competition.

The grand prize is $10,000 in cash. And the winning toilet paper wedding gown will go on display at Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

The second-place winner will receive $5,000, while $2,500 will be awarded to the third-place finisher.

The finals, which will also include a fashion show, will take place July 20 at Loft 29 in Manhattan.

This year’s entries are impressive, according to Brian Rice, senior director of Design and Packaging Innovation for Georgia-Pacific, the Atlanta-based company that makes Quilted Northern Bath Tissue.

“We were amazed to see how the finalists worked with our meticulously designed Quilted Northern Bath Tissue to create runway-ready, couture craftsmanship. While our first foray into fashion may be unexpected, we are excited to put our experience in crafting for comfort in the bathroom to use in this new world,” Rice said.

Susan Bain, co-founder of Cheap-Chic-Weddings.com, praised the 10 finalists for their imaginative designs. “This year’s crop of designs continues to impress and exceed our expectations of what truly is possible when toilet paper is crafted for greatness,” she said.

At the July 20 fashion show, each wedding dress design will be evaluated by an expert panel of judges including Kleinfeld Bridal Owner Mara Urshel, celebrity party planner Mikie Russo and representatives of Cheap-Chic-Weddings.com, Quilted Northern and Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Ripley’s is also sponsoring a Fan Favorite prize.

The contest challenges creative minds to make a wearable wedding dress and headpiece using toilet paper, glue, tape and needle and thread.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses australia

I was sitting in Cortina d’Ampezzo, a friend whooped it up in Klosters, and not so far away there was Val d’Isère. Except that none of us were really in those jet set–y ski destinations, which always sound like the kind of places where Roger Moore–era 007 (may he rest in peace) would have dispatched a cat-stroking nemesis. Rather more prosaically, we were in seating sections named after those resorts in the ever-so-slightly stifling heat of Jean Paul Gaultier’s Rue Saint-Martin studio, awaiting his Couture show to start.

Never let it be said that Gaultier doesn’t love a theme. Some of his most monumental collections of the past were worked to very specific ones, indeed—be it tribal tattooing and fetish piercing, or the clothing worn for religious observance by Orthodox Jews. This time it was ski culture, focusing on the glamazon on the chairlift, and the bejeweled and bedazzled snow bunny. Even before the show started, it was plainly evident, what with Gaultier’s program displaying his old-school penchant for naming each look with a suitably saucy wink: Gstaad the Way It Is, L’Avalanche, What You Looping At, et cetera.

Jokes, as we all know, can be a potent vehicle for something deeper, and so they were here: Humor in the service of heightening the sincere commitment of Gaultier to his couture—I Look Like I Don’t Take It Seriously But Really I Do! For all of the campy excess on his runway, glance to the balcony above and you can see his atelier gathered together to view their (oftentimes very impressive) handiwork. And for every RuPaul’s Drag Race quip (one look was dubbed “Sasha Velours”) there were some exquisite pieces that riffed on Gaultier’s iconic moments, but look just as good now: the slouchy cardigan jacket embellished with blue and white Fair Isle patterns created out of pearls, say, or the fairly abbreviated Aran sweater dress crafted from mousseline ribbons. Tailoring, as usual, took center stage. There was the off-kilter bias cutting of his le smoking, or a camel coat deconstructed to slip-slide with a swoosh across an ivory knit body, both looks being pretty darn chic. That’s a phrase one usually wants to avoid like a skier hitting glassy ice when discussing a runway show, but in this case, it’s entirely appropriate.Read more at:online formal dresses | bridesmaid dress

Rymario Armstrong arrived at Old Point Park in Beaufort on the afternoon of July 4, blindfolded. He was ready for his retirement party after spending 17 years in the military. Instead, he got married.

His fiancée — now wife — Nakita Brown had been planning a surprise wedding for months.

The couple had actually been engaged for three years, but they simply hadn’t made any concrete plans.

Finally, on a sizzling hot Independence Day, with Brown in her beaded black gown and Armstrong in his Marine Corps uniform, the couple tied the knot.

Armstrong said he suspected something was going on — especially after Brown asked him to write his vows. But he wasn’t entirely sure when it was going to happen, and when he removed his blindfold in Old Point Park to see about 40 people dressed in their Sunday best, he stood in stunned silence.

Brown’s father Joseph Brown walked her down the red brick pathway that served as an aisle.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. The end,” Armstrong said during the ceremony — before clarifying it was a joke and sharing his real vows.

And then, the couple said “I do” under South Carolina palm trees.

Brown, 30 and a Beaufort native, and Armstrong, 36 and from Mississippi, met in 2011.

Brown was working in a barbershop in Beaufort, and Armstrong had just been assigned to Beaufort’s Marine Corps base. Brown had a boyfriend in Alabama, and she was entirely uninterested in dating. But Armstrong was undeterred.

“When I first met you at that barbershop ... at that moment, I thought, ‘I gotta take this girl on a date,’ ” Armstrong said to Brown during his vows.

Armstrong started coming to the barbershop more and more frequently, sometimes twice a week, Brown recalled. And he always asked for her to cut his hair.

Soon enough, they became friends.

“He’d say, ‘I’m coming over at 7 o clock tonight,’ ” Brown said. “And I said, ‘no you’re not.’ But 7 o’clock on the dot, he’d come knocking on the door. I would say I didn’t want him to come over, but I actually did want him to come over.”

But Brown still resisted dating him. He became her best friend, she said, but he just wasn’t her type.

And then, “one day, it just happened,” Brown said. “I woke up and it happened.”

That was four years ago, and Brown and Armstrong have been together ever since. They have one child together, Camren, 2, in addition to seven other children from previous marriages.

When Armstrong first asked Brown to marry him, in keeping with tradition, she turned him down.

“I walked into the bedroom, and he just asked ‘Yes or no?’ ” Brown said. “And I said, ‘Yes or no, what are you talking about?’ ”

Brown wasn’t having it. Armstrong tried his luck again a month later, at the Jazz Corner on Hilton Head Island. This time around, Brown agreed.

The couple had casually discussed a cruise wedding, but they decided it was too expensive.

So Brown took matters into her own hands — and as it turns out, Brown beat her new husband to the chase. Armstrong had considered planning a surprise wedding for August, said Brown’s mother, Louise Brown.

The couple plans on heading to the courthouse to receive their marriage license later in the week.Read more at:QueenieAu | cheap formal dresses online

Sounds anomalous? That’s what it is meant to be. A staid title line probably wouldn’t have attracted your attention as much. Now if I say “people, do this”, you would probably not be interested and say “too much”. But pause for a while and think. When you buy any goods or services, you pay money and get them at that point of time. It could be something physical like a shirt, car or phone, or a service like a haircut or transport. When you invest in a financial product, you get nothing. You get a promise (like in debt) or an expectation (like in equity) of getting the money back in future, and getting back more to compensate for your current sacrifice.

What you should look for is how strong is the promise or expectation of getting your money back, how long can you spare the money (investment horizon) or if you suddenly require your money one day, how much do you expect to get back (liquidity). If you ask other things to your financial adviser, like what all products are there with her, you are expecting her to put on display a fashion parade of products.

An investment decision is different from buying a garment—this too is a matter of choice, but more a matter of suitability to your conditions. Expecting a ‘garment’ kind of sales effort from your adviser makes it easier for her to missell, because you would buy something you fall for, but it may not be suitable for you. While misselling is a problem and it does happen, if you ask the wrong questions, you are opening the door for it. This can also be termed as mis-buying.

This is where investors go wrong. The foremost FAQ is about return expectation, “kitna dega(what is the return)?”; whereas this should come later. You may ask: returns is what I am investing for, why should that question come later? Let me give an analogy. Let’s say, higher returns while investing is the same as lesser expenses while spending. You want transport and you don’t have your car. You have a choice all the way from an auto-rickshaw at the lower end to a radio taxi service's at the higher end. The factors you would look for are:

Comfort: a sedan is more comfortable, while an auto-rickshaw is jerky and dusty;

Travelling time: Which one will take you faster;

Availability: Is the app faster than going to the road looking for an auto-rickshaw or a cab?;

Other comfort factors: Wi-Fi and all in radio taxis;

Safety: Especially for women;

Charges: What you pay upfront.

The point here is that even for a small one-time transport service, you consider so many factors apart from your expenses. If cost were the only factor, you would travel by public bus.

When it comes to investing your hard-earned money, it should be more about suitability, followed by return expectations. In a fashion show, a colour or design may attract you; in a suite of financial products, a particular feature may appeal to you, for example, equity market being in a bull run, low inflation prompting the Reserve Bank of India to reduce interest rates, a portfolio management service provider who has given returns higher than peers in the industry in small-cap funds, and a structured debenture is giving a higher coupon if the equity market moves in a particular range.

Let’s see what is buying right and what are the questions you should ask your financial adviser:

Suitability: Any product, be it equity or debt or hybrid, for the allocation recommended in your portfolio, has a rationale. Ask your financial adviser for a brief, non-jargonized reason why this product is suitable for you.

Volatility: Technically, volatility may be both on the upside (returns higher than expected for a while) and the downside (returns lower than expected for a while). Naturally, nobody has a problem with upside volatility. Ask your adviser, what is the expected maximum downside in an extreme adverse market event. This downside, technically called drawdown, should be acceptable to you.

Risk profiling: Your adviser does you risk appetite profiling. Understand from her how she is classifying you—aggressive, moderate, conservative—and the basis thereof.

Horizon: There is a recommended or optimum horizon for any investment. You should understand that, and not negotiate. High net worth individuals (HNIs) have a tendency to ‘negotiate’ this with the adviser but the investments are in the market, not in a term deposit of the adviser.

Liquidity: You may be comfortable with the horizon, but in case you require the money earlier, the perspective should be clear from the beginning.

Any typical or particular risk: For instance, a credit-oriented fund will have relatively higher credit risk, which should be clarified.

Some of the queries to be avoided are whether the product is ‘exclusive’ and who else has invested in it, because the market is for all and all individuals are unique.Read more at:www.queenieau.com | bridesmaid dresses australia

Elle Fanning
(Photo:formal dresses australia)

Elle Fanning once again proved her style credentials at the Miu Miu cruise collection show on Sunday .

The blonde beauty channelled high fashion ballet chic as she attended the label's exclusive dinner party after its Paris Couture Week presentation, wearing a pretty pink sequin dress.

Her gown was given added edge thanks to a plunging, jewelled neckline, and Elle finished the outfit off with strappy heels, a sparkly headband and a fake tattoo of the fashion house's logo on her neck.

As for the 19-year-old's make-up, she opted for a fresh-faced look with natural cosmetics, which emphasised her youthful glow.

Elle was just one of a long list of stylish celebrities that turned out to take in Miu Miu's latest offerings.

Milla Jovovich also showed off feminine fashion at the event, wearing a frilled blue chiffon dress, with splashes of red over the chest. A pink clutch bag and stacked pink platform shoes added even more colour to the finished look.

Model Doutzen Kroes went for more understated glamour and looked stylish in a calf-length pink dress and black shoes which featured a sparkly silver heel.

British star Alexa Chung, who recently launched her own eponymous label, opted for biker glam, adding a studded leather jacket to a silver sequin dress. She also showed off her flair for fashion with a pair of pointed tartan flats.

And Game of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie donned a cream dress with long sleeves, and bravely went for a no mascara look when it came to her make-up.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses australia

The quest for the perfect pair of jeans is an idiosyncratic and unending mission for most of us. But there is a new denim innovation on the scene this summer which just might put a stop to your search- at least for a while.

London-based label M.i.h jeans has built up a reputation for bringing us the denim we never knew we needed (their slouchy turn-up Phoebe jeans are the stuff of legend) catering to everything from cool skinny jeans to new spins on the flares usually seen in bohemian 70s imagery.

This season, they have introduced the new 'Cult jean'. "The style is special because it’s deceptively simple," says Jessica Lawrence, M.i.h's Head of Design and Brand. "It’s a straight leg cut with a 10 inch rise, the perfect rise for most people," she adds, pointing out- in true denim geek mode- the details which give the Cult its distinctive but relaxed look- "twin stitched leg seams, 4-pocket styling and a cropped, slightly stepped hem."

After several seasons in which flares- from kick to exaggerated to cropped- have reigned supreme in denim trends, Lawrence says that it was important to introduce a straight leg style: "it’s the perfect fit at the moment, easy and cool at the same time."

But the part which will feel truly revolutionary to denim aficionados is the 'straight stretch' technology which the jeans incorporate. "‘Straight stretch’ denim has the stretch fibres running vertically through the cotton – the warp- while other denims have the stretch fibres running horizontally through the weft, and therefore around the body," says Lawrence.

"We knew we wanted to get the feel of a 100% cotton denim jean, the great feeling of shape and hold it gives on your bum, but in straight leg fits it can be uncomfortable to wear all day if you’re sitting, standing and moving around. The wearer’s experience of ‘straight stretch’ denim is like wearing rigid/non-stretch denim when pulling the jean on; it gives the hold that you only get from non-stretch denim. The stretch comes into play when you bend or sit; the Cult Jean stays with you as you move, keeping its shape without bagging out."

In practice, the Cult jean has a similar laid back, effortless feel to that which you get with skinny jeans or 'Mum' jeans but feels more modern and relaxed. Lawrence says she'll be pairing hers with floral shirts or blouses and Converse or clogs, while the above shot of model Anna Brewster wearing the style with a skinny knit shows a more dressed up take. You could imagine a young Jane Birkin pairing hers with a white tee, knotted insouciantly at the waist.

While the Cult is a definite contender in the perfect new jean category, Lawrence has plenty of useful pointers for anyone seeking something new for their denim repertoire.

"Now is a great time to try on different fits, as there is a such a diverse range available after years of skinny jeans," she says. "Think about what you want from the jean – are you looking for a new shape to expand your wardrobe? Are you looking for a staple pair? Are you looking to replace your old favourite pair? Also pay attention to the stretchiness and shade of the denim; this is as important as the silhouette in finding a jean you’ll love to wear."

Her final nugget of advice may seem like anathema to anyone clutching to seven pairs in one old favourite style, but it's an experiment which will almost certainly pay off. "I don’t think there are rules about what jeans suit which people, and often trying a new pair far out of your comfort zone will get you a new favourite."Read more at:princess formal dresses | year 10 formal dresses

It wasn’t just the city and oceanfront views from the penthouse that were eye-filling during Fashion Friday at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel and Suites.

The intimate gathering and Victoria Women’s Transition House Society fundraiser was the first of what Victoria Clements hopes will become a monthly haute-couture event at the hotel’s Table 21 restaurant.

Twenty fashion-conscious women mingled with models, fashion bloggers, photographers and designers at the launch, co-produced by Clements’s Posh Intertainment and Concept Couture founder Stuart Cameron.

Guests paid $35 for a model-friendly lunch — organic salads, grilled chicken and salmon and fresh fruit — and to see five models showcase summer fashions by Tulipe Noir Clothing and The Dancing Lily.

They also modelled hats by Lynda Marie Couture Millinery, jewelry by Stella and Dot and were adorned with BeautyCounter Makeup applied by Tammy Neron and hairstyling by Whitney Olivia.

“It’s like we’re in a big city!” observed guest Trisha Lees as model Tess Mitchell sashayed by wearing a short beige dress that complemented her long blond hair.

“Can we shop now?” laughed lifestyle blogger Jody Hollis after Tracy Mitchell walked the cream-coloured carpet wearing a lightweight white outfit.

“They feel like jammies,” Mitchell remarked before exiting the stage surrounded by chairs, each containing a parting gift from local inventor Keith Marchant — Style Stick, a temporary fabric adhesive within a lipstick-like container.

“I use it to keep my dress socks up,” said Marchant, whose collaborator Marcy McKenna describes the fix-it device for wayward shirt collars, bra straps and more as “a personal tailor in a tube.”

The event’s common thread was that the fashions, hair, makeup, hats and jewelry were predominantly local.

“We’re very fortunate to live in a city where there’s a lot of local entrepreneurs around fashion,” said Cameron, 17.

“A lot [of the fashion boutiques] are locally owned. You’re buying clothing from someone who is paid fairly and who made the clothing themselves in a suitable environment.”

The chatty young fashion enthusiast said he loves that you can walk down lower Johnson Street into a boutique and meet the owner.

“I just graduated, so I went into Outlooks For Men and the owner, Dale [Olsen] was right there and he helped me pick out my suit,” Cameron said.

Fashion Friday is a great way to “make fashion that is sustainable also attainable,” said Concept Couture’s chief image curator Vellar Chou.

Wearing a tunic-style dress from Tulipe Noir, white Paige Denim jeans and a Fascinator hat by Lynda Marie, Sophie Dishaw, 25, dispelled some fashion myths.

Models don’t just eat blueberries, the slender model said with a laugh.

“A lot of young models can go through struggles when agencies tell them they need to be thinner, but for me it’s about exercise and having a well-balanced diet to make my body look the best it has to be for my jobs and photo shoots,” Dishaw said.

Two enthusiastic guests are models themselves — Pat Singleton and Lorraine Trotman.

They are members of Heritage Productions, a group of older women who showcase their collections of vintage fashions at special events and seniors’ centres.

“When we go and do shows at old folks’ homes, you can see how people recognize clothes they once wore. It really brightens up their day,” said Singleton.

“I had my 1920s wedding gown on the other day,” Trotman recalled. “A lady said, ‘My mother wore almost the same thing and the same hat [with wax orange blossoms].”

Fashion Friday began taking shape last year when Clements moved back to Victoria after working in film and event production in Vancouver and Los Angeles for 26 years.

“I’d like to create the same kind of energy and excitement now being felt in Vancouver for these two industries and promote that here,” she said.

After spending the past seven years living in London, San Diego and Vancouver, the hotel’s sales and marketing director, Kirsten Kost, shared Clements’ passion.

“I found entertainment and fashion to be the heartbeats of the hotels I worked at in those cities,” said Kost, noting the DoubleTree, host hotel for the Victoria Film Festival and Victoria Fashion Week, has become something of an arts hub.

“I want to continue this experience and have our hotel feel like the locals’ ‘living room’ in the centre of the city.”Read more at:cheap formal dresses | plus size formal dresses

The secret to Peta Murgatroyd's killer bod? Her son, Shai! In the months ahead of her wedding, the Dancing with the Stars pro is getting in shape with a little help from her little one. How do we know? Check out this sweet Instagram video.

In the video, Murgatroyd is getting her workout in while holding her little bundle of joy. "Less than three weeks until the wedding!" Murgatroyd captioned the clip. "Love our family sweat sessions with timhartwigtrain! workforit fitmom workingmom."

Aside from kicking butt at the gym, the dancer—along with hubby-to-be Maksim Chmerkovskiy—have been knee-deep in wedding planning. Earlier this month, the couple indulged in what's possibly the best part of the planning process—wedding cake tasting! Murgatroyd documented the experience via Instagram, and we certainly wish we were there. "Oh my god, I am so obsessed," the excited bride-to-be declared in a short video clip posted to her Instagram Story. "We are cake tasting today. Look at these babies. Incredible."

She captioned a second clip, "Yum yum yum." We'd have to agree.

As for the venue, the couple is set to marry at Oheka Castle in Long Island, which happened to make the Brides Best Venues of 2017 list! "We went there. It's perfect. We're going to have it for two days," Chmerkovskiy previously gushed. "They're closing the whole hotel. It's going to be unbelievable! I remember when I was passing by this castle when I first immigrated. And [I said,] 'That's where I want to have my wedding' and I just said it so [casually,] and now it's happening."

Chmerkovskiy is more than ready for his walk down the aisle. "I can’t wait for my wedding in July. Peta keeps trying to postpone it, and I'm like 'No, I want to marry you, godd— it!'" Chmerkovskiy previously joked to Vulcan magazine.Read more at:online formal dresses | online bridesmaid dresses

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Summer is the right time for ushering fabulous fashion trends, be it apparel, jewellery, footwear or accessories. As the mercury soars high, adorning oneself with minimal jewels has become a new trend.

Nishant Tulsiani, Director at Anaqa and Parneet Thukral, co-founder at Gioielli have listed few tips:

Tassels are quite in vogue these days. Be it danglers, chokers or ear cuffs.Tassels have become a trending choice among young ladies. Swarovski stones are another great style trending this season.

Giving a luxe essence yet confining to your budget, stunning and chic neckpieces, danglers and rings embellished with crystals can be an interesting addition to your summer wardrobe.

Single and double layered chains with edgy pendants are a must-have. Dainty ear studs and bracelets encrusted with semi-precious gemstones in lively yet subtle tones of pink, aqua and green are another trend this year.

The ancient trends are coming back in a more grandiose way touching upon every fashion segment. Taking cue from the Greek mythology and Victorian era, jewellery in flaunting motifs of wings or feathers and vintage pearl jewellery are also becoming a hit with the ladies.

Tribal jewellery in oxidized silver is also grabbing great style statement for the season. Chunky and bold necklaces, stunning cocktail rings and jhumkis in oxidized silver with a tint of brass gives an elegant styling essence.

Chokers have come to the forefront of fashion in a big way. This particular accessory in versatile style and detailing is setting fashion goals both for traditional and western outfits. A contemporary style satin or lace choker with a dangling pearl or a crystal can give a classic makeover to your western outfit.

Chokers in antique gold finish with crystals and tassels are also trending these days. On the other hand, a statement choker crafted in kundan or polki can give a mesmerizing touch to a traditional outfit.Read more at:formal wear brisbane

You may have got into a hot tub and tried the sauna too, but this time, try something that a majority of the West has taken up - hot yoga! Performed at high temperatures (between 90-105 degrees Fahrenheit), it has you doing asanas and poses in order to cleanse the body and build flexibility. Lady Gaga, Demi Moore, Madonna, and Gwyneth Paltrow, are among the celebrities who have been spotted sweating it out this way.

Heed these points

The idea behind is that hot yoga detoxes the body through perspiration. It is said to flush out the toxins, give the skin its glow and erase joint aches and pains. That said, hot yoga does comes with its risks - it may cause heat stroke if not done at the right temperature. It's also a common notion that the heat may allow you do a deeper stretch, but there are risks of overstretching, too Always get a doctor to approve whether you can do hot yoga or not, and have a qualified trainer at hand.

Tips to keep in mind if you are a doing this for the first time:

Dress light: Do not wear heavy workout gear. Dress lightly so the heat affects you less.

Carry towels with you: Place one towel on the yoga mat to prevent slipping and use one towel to mat away your perspiration.

Do not work out in high temperatures: If you do so, you will risk feeling exhaustion, dehydration, nausea and fainting.

Stay hydrated: Remember, it's important to drink enough water two hours before the class and you can sip on it even during one. If you feel lightheaded or unwell, stop.

When to avoid: Do not do hot yoga, if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure or a heart condition.Read more at:beautiful formal dresses | formal wear melbourne

E-commerce industry to  open new vistas for women
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Federal Commerce Minister Khurram Dastgir on Monday said the recently signed MoU with Ali Baba has added new dimensions to development of E-commerce industry in Pakistan which can be used for the benefit of poor women.

While speaking at the first exhibition of beneficiary hand embroidered shawls and BISP E-commerce Launch at Lok Virsa, he said it is heartening to see the poorest women being linked with E-commerce by Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). The recently signed MoU with Ali Baba by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, during his visit to China, has added new dimensions to development of E-commerce industry in Pakistan, so it is high time to use E-commerce for the benefit of poor women, he added.

‘BISP brand shawls’ exhibition is part of BISP poverty graduation model, the pilot phase of which started three weeks back where traditional shawls made by beneficiaries from Haripur, Kohat, Swabi, Nowshera, Swat, DI khan (KPK), Thatta, Sujawal, Karachi, (Sindh), Renala Khurd, Mianwali, Gujrat, Bahawalpur (Punjab), Skardu, Astore, Nagar (Gilgit-Baltistan), Bhimber, Muzafarabad, Poonch, Neelum (AJK), Qilla Abdullah, Quetta, Sibbi and Loralai (Balochistan) were received that were displayed at the exhibition. These shawls can also be ordered online at TCS yayvo.com launched by the minister. The entire amount received from sale of shawls will go directly to beneficiaries.

Minister for Ports and Shipping Mir Hasil khan Bizenjo, Federal Minister for Law & Justice Zahid Hamid, Minister of State for Federal Education and Professional Training Balighur Rehman, PM’s Special Assistant on Human Rights Barrister Zafarullah Khan and a number of foreign dignitaries, ambassadors, parliamentarians, government officials, civil society, media and public attended the event. The exhibition showcasing BISP Brand shawls will continue till June 23, 2017. BISP Chairperson Marvi Memon said that BISP is trying to come up with graduation strategies that are most relevant, economical and productive. Through the provision of E-commerce platform, BISP aims at harnessing entrepreneurial potential of its beneficiaries, she added. This exhibition will not only preserve the tradition but promote work of rural women as well, thus helping them graduate out of poverty, she said.

She said that in the FY2017-18, BISP beneficiary families who are willing to start their own businesses will be provided with training as well as a one-time cash grant of Rs50,000 to start their own business and become productive members of society. Initially, this grant is proposed to be provided to 250,000 families that will enable them to graduate out of poverty. Famous Fashion Designer Sonya Batla, who served as a master judge, appreciated BISP for bringing out the talent of the rural women to the world. She chose 12 best shawls from different provinces and regions and offered the winners to work with Sonya Batla brand. The BISP chairperson expressed hope that the exhibition would receive positive response from the community and reiterated that it is a quality purchase that would help poor women, thus contributing in poverty alleviation. She said that the shawls are priced between Rs3000 to Rs5000 and a single time sale of a shawl would make beneficiary earn as much amount as she gets in form of quarterly stipend. She urged public to encourage this initiative and play their part as responsible citizens.Read more at:year 10 formal dresses

Rev up your western attire by going ethnic
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From a very tender age, we are taught not to differentiate amongst us, and yet we end up differentiating among clothes based on their origins. The saree, originating in India, becomes a symbol of elegance, wherein a skirt, originating from Western parts of the world is not? "I strongly believe that all styles of attire must be appreciated simply as a portrayal of beauty of their own origin," says designer Nidhi Mehra. The best way of appreciating beauty is to mix up styles, you know, just to spice things up a notch. Here's a list of just a few of the possibilities that are pre-dominant in the fashion market of today. The looks are quite simple to try on and do their fair share to help you look stunning.

Crop top blouse with a saree: Crop Top Blouses are gaining popularity in India, similar to a wild fire these days, even with its western origin; one can very well be paired with an Indian Saree for an elegant yet chic look. The basic requirements: A crop top with length equal to a blouse and a saree. The imperfect look of the top donned with a saree is what brings out a different and unique look.

Ethnic kurta with summery shorts: We have always associated shorts with tank or baggy tops. Well, surprise, a good pair looks equally good with a set of ethnic kurta. We recommend you try pairing one of your best kurtas with a pair of swanky denim shorts and the world turns into your ramp.

Indian traditional jewellery with western dress: Here's a trend that has recently been doing rounds at various celebrity occasions. An elegant western dress becomes much appreciated when combined with a traditional and antique neckpiece. Traditional accessories go so well with western clothing that even a deep necked top gets easily complemented when accompanied with traditional jewellery. This is the perfect way to blend confidence and elegance with pride.Read more at:plus size formal dresses

What comes to your mind when you think of summer? For an average person, it is the season of scorching heat but for fashionistas, it is the season to try out the new trends in the fashion world.

Traders say Nepali people have evolved into trendy shoppers in recent years. Summer not only excites shopaholics, but also businesspersons who bring latest trends in the fashion world to Nepal. One of the benefits of summer is the sale of summer clothes which come in different styles every other season. Sanjiv Rayamajhi, the owner of S S Fashion, Ranjana Complex, New Road, is excited for his business is going pretty well. “The concept of male fashion world is changing. People are now aware that even men can wear stylish clothes which did not exist in the past. Men's tank tops and shorts are flying off the shelves,” he added.

Niraj Nepali, a Khichapokhari-based wholesaler who has been in the clothing industry for eight years, shares that Nepalis have adapted styles from western countries. “The trend is ever-changing. What was popular few months ago won't be in demand for long. Customers want new, but they fail to notice that the trend encircles with some touch ups,” he said, adding: “For example, grunge pants, loose clothes and plain tees were popular in 1980s and 1990s. It has come to the notice of women now and the demand is higher than ever.”

It is said that women show their interest in fashion from early age. The statement is not valid anymore, as kids nowadays ask for more than a piece of cloth to cover their bodies. The exposure to media has introduced kids' fashion to the children. “They now know the designs and the brands. Kids today come and demand for clothes they have seen in movies,” said Mohan Sangroula, another wholesaler at the Ranjana Complex. “In my 15 years in clothing business, I have seen people become conscious about quality. Only style cannot satisfy them, they want high quality products,” he added further.

While fancy clothes are finding customers with ease traditional attires like kurtis are also doing fine in the market. Raven and georgette kurtis get customers easily as they are appropriate for summer. Sudarshan Timalsina, a New Road-based shopkeeper who has been selling kurtis for the past 10 years, feels that even the demand for Nepal-made kurtis is high. “About 40 percent of kurtis in my shop have been made locally, and remaining 60 percent imported from India. The demand for Nepali products is on the rise, thanks to better finishing and use of quality materials,” he added.

Most of the clothes trending in Nepal are imported from China. Some wholesalers opt to import from Bangladesh and India as well.

Traders say Nepali products are not considered up to the mark compared to international products. Color run, neglected finishing and use of low quality fabrics are the main lacunas of Nepali products. With people splurging on latest fashion trends, it is high time Nepali apparel manufacturers produced quality clothing materials and do good business.Read more at:formal dresses australia | bridesmaid gowns

Ashley Tisdale
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Actress Ashley Tisdale was forced to remove dairy from her diet after discovering a number of food allergies.

The High School Musical star is no longer willing to eat some of her favourite dishes because she now knows they are bad for her body.

"I recently found out what my food sensitivities are, so I had to cut dairy out and certain other foods that weren't good for me," the 31-year-old tells People.com. "Also, as much as I love carbs, I cut them down a lot. I allow myself to have them once a week."

Ashley is now eating fruits, vegetables, and lean meats like chicken for each meal, in addition to drinking at least eight glasses of water per day.

But the blonde beauty, who also runs her own make-up company, doesn't regret cutting dairy out of her diet because she is now feeling better than ever.

"For me, it's all about feeling good," the star says, noting her self-confidence has also been boosted as a result of her decision. "I have a make-up line, Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale, and yes, it's easy to put make-up on and go out, but true confidence comes from within."

In addition to ensuring she eats the healthiest foods for her body, Ashley also makes it a point to stay hydrated and to get her beauty rest.

"Drinking plenty of water and sleep are my biggest beauty tips," she shares. "Treat your body how you treat your skin and you will always feel good!"Read more at:bridesmaid dresses australia

Alexander to wed Simon
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Mr. and Mrs. David Lincoln Alexander of Southlake, Texas, are pleased to announce the engagement and forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Emily Morgan Alexander to James Houston Simon, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Hunt Simon of New Iberia.

The wedding will take place at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, June 24, 2017, at La Cantera Resort in San Antonio, Texas. Mrs. Alexander is the former Meri Burton of LaPorte, Texas. Mrs. Simon is the former Nancy Rougeou of Lafayette.

The bride-elect is the granddaughter of Colonel and Mrs. Sigmund Alexander of San Antonio, Mrs. Rose McNeil Burton of Kerville, Texas, and the late Mr. William Burton and Dr. and Mrs. Robert Manning of Weslaco, Texas.

Emily is a 2009 graduate of Skyline High School in Sammamish, Washington, and a 2013 graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences. At UW, she was a member of Kappa Delta Sorority. She is also a 2017 graduate of Louisiana State University where she received a Master of Art degree in communication disorders. Emily will begin work as a pediatric speech therapist in Opelousas after the wedding.

The groom-elect is the grandson of Mrs. Barbara Hunt Simon of Franklin and the late Mr. Lynn Joseph Simon and the late Dr. and Mrs. Clyde Lee Rougeou Sr. formerly of Lafayette. Houston is a 2008 graduate of Catholic High School in New Iberia and a 2013 graduate of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and a minor in Communication. At LSU, Houston was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. Houston is currently employed at Honiron Manufacturing in Jeanerette.Read more at:bridesmaid dress

Maybelline has nabbed Gigi Hadid’s go-to makeup artist for its top artistry spot.

The L’Oréal-owned brand has signed Erin Parsons as global makeup artist, WWD has exclusively learned. In her new role, Parsons, who is also Hadid’s personal artist, will oversee the makeup looks for Maybelline in all campaign and marketing materials, as well as New York Fashion Week.

Parsons, a former assistant to Pat McGrath, got started in beauty as a counter girl in her native Ohio, where she said growing up she’d hang Maybelline advertisements on her walls. At the time, she didn’t know makeup artistry was a career option.

“I grew up in a poor, strict household, but I was obsessed with makeup and how it made me feel — I loved seeing Christy Turlington with her perfect brows and lipstick, and I wanted all of that,” said Parsons in an interview before Maybelline’s announcement. “I literally got caught stealing Great Lash mascara when I was a kid — and I’ve already told the president of Maybelline this — and now I’m the global makeup artist.”

Parsons is known for creating edgy makeup looks — at the LRS show this past New York Fashion Week, for instance, she painted silver on the lower lashes of some models and what she called a “red velvet” eye on others. “I don’t want to see the standard look all the time that I think we’re getting used to seeing in some areas — the Instagram makeup look and the [no-makeup makeup] look that happens quite often in high fashion.”

At Maybelline, she is looking to infuse some of her signature edge into the brand. “I have some ideas,” said Parsons. “I really want to take Maybelline to a whole other place — they’re killing it with the products, but I want to give [the artistry] that extra ‘oomph.’”

Down the line, Parsons could see her role turning to product development. “That’s the next step,” she said. “It’s always been a little dream of mine to make certain products that don’t exist yet.”

Despite her flair for drama, Parsons plans to keep the edginess in check for Maybelline.

“I would like to do some really out-there looks, but I have to do it in baby steps. I don’t want anyone to find it too aspirational that it gets to the point where they think they can’t do it,” said Parsons. “I would really like to push people’s ideas of what they can do for fun, because makeup is fun. You don’t have to wear it to work, you can just try it and wipe it off — it’s that simple.”Read more at:red carpet dresses | cheap formal dresses

The Bayhealth Cancer Institute’s Survivorship Program has been helping cancer survivors enjoy full and productive lives since its inception in 2012. Runway of Hope, an annual fashion-based fundraiser that includes a runway fashion show featuring professional models, elegant luncheon and silent auction, is a driving force behind the program’s positive impact on the lives of hundreds of cancer survivors in our community.

Bayhealth will host its seventh annual Runway of Hope fundraiser on Friday, Aug. 4, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Baywood Greens in Long Neck, Delaware. The event is open to the public and all proceeds support the Survivorship Program.

The Runway of Hope was inspired by founder Susan Chinnici’s vision. As a member of the Bayhealth Cancer Institute Board of Directors, Chinnici had a desire to inspire others to give in support of those with cancer. Along with the Bayhealth Cancer Institute’s Runway of Hope Fundraising Committee, Chinnici helped create the Runway of Hope Fashion Show and Luncheon in 2011. Each year the event has grown. “Members of the committee are really hard workers and very generous,” explains Chinnici. “It’s exciting to see how the Runway of Hope has evolved over the last several years, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Tickets to attend this year’s event are $100 per person. Included in the ticket price are hors d’oeuvres, a plated lunch, admission to the fashion show and silent auction, and a gift bag. The deadline to register is Wednesday, July 19.

“All proceeds from the Runway of Hope event go directly to support cancer patients as they transition from cancer treatment to cancer survivorship,” said John Shevock, FACHE, FACMPE, senior director of Operations, Oncology Service Line and executive director of the Bayhealth Cancer Institute. In 2016, the Runway of Hope event raised more than $75,000 for the Bayhealth Cancer Survivorship Program. “The Runway of Hope Fundraising Committee members are the ambassadors in the community for our cancer survivorship program and their support is truly remarkable,” Shevock said.Read more at:QueenieAu | red carpet dresses

Benarasi lehenga, Benarasi sari, wedding, jewellery, event, function, fashion, fashion news, indian express news
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Thinking of wearing a Benarasi lehenga or sari for a summer wedding? Make sure that you pick the right one in terms of colour and drape it innovatively, suggest experts.

Designers Naina Jain and Karan Arora shared tips on how to dress up with Benarasi in the right way.

* For the main function: You can get the elaborative weaves done on your Benarasi sari or lehenga for the D-Day. If we talk about the latest trend, you can unhesitatingly opt for these detailed weaves with no borders. These weaves look perfect on colours like fuschia, off white, gold and pastel colours which are trending nowadays. With that, you can carry a beautiful traditional Bengali drape which would work great with the heavy weaves.

To complete the look, don’t forget to get yourself the South Indian temple jewellery which undoubtedly looks ethereal and extremely exquisite.

* For a day event: If you wearing a Benarasi sari or a lehenga, you must try and choose the traditional jaal either for your sari or blouse. Additionally, if you are not very fond of the jaal work, you can go for the designs with small bootis for your traditional attire. Since the function is during the day, the light colours like lime, orange, mint green can be the best ones for your ensemble.

Moreover, if you are not very keen to sport a lehenga or sari, go and take out that pair of denim or a pant from the wardrobe and wear it with your favourite sari. This look is chic and contemporary.

For the jewellery, pick some pearl earrings or neckpiece or both that goes with the colour of your outfit. In addition to this, get a messy bun done with some gajra and you are good to go.

* For Sagan ceremony, Mehendi or Haldi: The brides are equally worried for these day or evening functions as the ceremonies are now celebrated with great pomp and show, so it gets little difficult to decide on what exactly to wear for such occasions. Sport a meenakari weave sari or lehenga with a touch of bandhej which makes the whole attire unique. Also, colours such as blue, green, rose gold accentuate the beauty of the meenakari weaves. Team up the outfit with heavy gold jhumkas and a middle parting bun.

* Why Benarasi: It is often said that saris complement the Indian women or we can also say it completes them. But seeing the rise in temperature during summer wedding, even brides deserve to stay cool and stylish. Benarasi saris are also known as all-weather saris, because of its adaptability.Read more at:short formal dresses

WHO is ready for some bridal drama? Celebrated television host-actress Daphne Iking and fashion designer Jovian Mandagie sure are, as they will be hosting reality TV show Say Yes To The Dress Asia, the Asian edition of the popular American show.

While the United States version chronicles the journey of brides in search of the perfect wedding dress with advice from friends and family, as well as help from individual sales associates, fitters and managers at the Kleinfeld Bridal boutique in Manhattan, New York, the Asian edition will see Mandagie and Iking provide assistance to 18 brides who will also receive input from friends and family members, to find the perfect dress.

The brides will be spoilt for choice in selecting from an array of custom-made outfits tailored by local designers.

When met on the set of the upcoming show during the filming of an episode, the duo expressed their excitement at landing the gig.

“We are over the moon. I love the show! This is one of my biggest gigs and I get to work with Jovian, with whom I’ve been friends with for 10 years now. He played a pivotal role in my journey to find the wedding dress of my dreams,” said the 38-year-old Iking.

Mandagie, 31, was glad to be on set again, as his last hosting gig was helming TV3’s bridal magazine show, Mahligai Cinta, for six seasons from 2008 to 2014.

“We went through a thorough and intense process where I was tested with other potential co-hosts. I was happy to learn that I would be paired with Daphne,” said Mandagie.

“I think what sets this show apart from the US version is that we will be showcasing a lot of ethnic cultures. We have brides from different races, including a Kadazan.”

The fashion designer is excited that the show will feature Malaysia’s beautiful cultures, traditions and costumes to the world.

“I love how colourful we are when it comes to wedding dresses. You won’t just see another boring white dress getting picked,” he said.

Iking added: “And because this is a reality show, the drama and reactions that you see from the participants of the show are real and unscripted.

“This show is not just about the dress. There are values that viewers can pick up from home. I think most brides out there will be able to relate to what these brides are going through,” she said.Read more at:long formal dresses | school formal dresses

It’s wedding season again. Or, for some, it’s “seriously, don’t marry that person” season.

For all the couples who appear meant to be, there are always a few that seem like they shouldn’t be sharing an Uber together, much less their lives.

So what’s a good friend to do? If you’re watching a friend head to the altar with someone awful, do you step in?

M in Washington, DC, says no. “You don’t do it because it drives them closer together! It becomes ‘me and you against the world.’ ”

This, despite the fact that M tried to gently coax a friend away from a marriage. The friend ended up marrying, and then divorcing, but M still says you should never get involved. She adds, “People entering into bad marriages are in a place of temporary insanity,” so little can be done to sway them anyway.

It’s a delicate dance, of course, telling a friend that her potential spouse is all wrong for them. It’s hard to know what’s going on inside relationships anyway, and if your friend doesn’t see it for herself — and she likely doesn’t — odds are she won’t see the light when you point it out.

That’s not always true, though. Kathy in Brooklyn was engaged at 23 when her best friend said to her, “You know, you don’t have to marry him.” She realized her friend was right and called off the wedding. Kathy was already having doubts, but when her friend confronted her, she says she “felt relieved. Like I didn’t have to continue the charade.”

A recent study out of the University of Plymouth found that our meanest friends often have our best interests in mind. The study’s author wrote, “These findings shed light on social dynamics, helping us to understand, for instance, why we sometimes may try to make our loved ones feel bad if we perceive this emotion to be useful to achieve a goal.”

It certainly wouldn’t feel good to have a friend tell you to dump your betrothed, and you may find the intrusion into your relationship hurtful, but someone who says “get out before it’s too late” is probably a good friend.

Rebecca in New Jersey has talked her friends out of bad potential nuptials in the past and says: “It’s a good rule of thumb that if your friends ask you to think a second time, you ought to.”

But what if your well-intentioned pleas are, well, wrong? Jamie in Connecticut was engaged when his fiancée’s best friend gave her “the talk.” Nine years later, the two are still happily married and the friend has been kicked to the curb.

So is it worth the risk to the friendship? Sometimes two important friendship roles — being supportive and being honest — are in conflict.

A good rule of thumb: If you think your friend is making a marriage mistake, say so — but do it long before the wedding day.

In Brides magazine, psychologist Irene Levine says, “Ask your friend for an hour of her time,” during which you can “be specific about your concerns rather than using a broad brush to smear the guy or saying you don’t like him without an explanation.”

Tone matters — confrontational, forceful proclamations just look aggressive and provocative. Be prepared to be cut out of your friend’s life or be prepared to help them pick up the pieces if they realize you’re right.

Levine also says you should check yourself first. Do you have any ulterior motives? Is your own love life in better need of your analytical energy? If you’re in a bad place yourself, reconsider trying to talk your friend out of it.

Marriage is forever, or should be, and if you see a train wreck on the horizon, try to help everyone involved avoid it. It won’t be easy, but a good friend is honest even at the risk of friendship.

If your friend decides to go through with the nuptials despite your pleas, though, your role becomes to smile broadly, enjoy the wedding cake and wish her well.

Once you’ve made your case and had it rejected, accept the defeat and try to focus on the prospective spouse’s better qualities. And if the marriage goes ahead and crashes, be the kind of friend with vodka in the freezer.Read more at:www.queenieau.com | bridesmaid dresses online

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Mkandla, a passionate maskandi singer, has temporarily dropped the microphone to promote fashion designers whom she says need support back home.

“My purpose of this initiative is to celebrate our fashion designers. They dress us each day behind the scenes and hardly get the recognition they deserve,” Mkandla told NewsDay Weekender.

“Being abroad makes the job even more difficult as they have to compete with the Western world fashion designers, so they do need our support.”

Running under the theme A Stitch in Time — Definitive African Fashion Trends, Mkandla launched the initiative last month in a bid to help expose the works of the creatives and celebrate the continent’s regalia.

“I want to highlight that these ladies work tirelessly making amazing and unique designs,” she said.

Mkandla, who believes that the fashion industry “is as cutthroat as the entertainment industry” added that she felt mandated to initiate the project so as to connect with her African roots after a decade’s stay in the UK.

“I have been in the UK for 10 years and this project, just like my music, is a way of trying to resonate and keep hold of my African roots,” she said.

The first edition of the showcase has three designers, namely Beauty Sibanda, Yvonne Gambe Ndava and Nde Khumalo, who have their designer monikers House of Gogoz, Yvonne Yvette and Cucicio Couture respectively.

“I intend to continue with this project as I have a few more designers who unfortunately could not provide their designs on time for the photoshoot,” she said, promising more exhibitions in the future.

“We have one more hopefully in July for three more designers. I do hope to continue working with these ladies and am excited for future projects we are working on.”

Pictures of the designed outfits will be posted online, while an exhibition is on the cards in a bid to advertise the works.

“The project is highlighting the amazing work of female African designers, creating a hub where people from all walks can go to and be able to order their custom-made frocks from these designers,” she said.Read more at:bridesmaid dress

Jennifer Lopez
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Jennifer Lopez is always switching up her hair, alternating between chic bobs and long tresses.

While the superstar rocked a pale blue Valentino gown to the 2017 Met Gala, it wasn't only outfit that caught attention, but her perfect hair too.

Jennifer had her locks pulled back from her face while further length was added to her hairstyle with extensions.

Louise Jenkins, Education and Creative Manager at Great Lengths Hair Extensions, explains that when it comes to adding in hairpieces, it's crucial to consider the thickness of hair as well as the length.

"A simple style can be turned into the most glamorous evening look just by adding a little bit of extra weight," she told Cover Media. "I recommend using individual bonded extensions for the most flexibility in styling. Great Lengths' synthetic keratin bonds mimic the hair's natural structure and colour, whilst staying discreet, ensuring no damage is caused to your natural hair."

Part of the reason Jennifer's long hair looks so great is because her stylist has matched the extensions with her own hair, which has been highlighted with gold and caramel streaks.

To get a similarly flawless match, Louise recommends consulting with a hair extension expert to ensure the strands are blended with a few tones to create custom finish.

"This can include using colours that are lighter, darker, warmer or ashier than the client's hair in order to create different effects," she shared.

When it comes to emulating Jennifer's 1960s-style look, Louise would look to apply a full head of single strand 50cm human hair extensions. Once complete, she would then set the hair with large rollers and proceed to smooth out the locks into a soft wave using a double bristle paddle brush.

"Secure the hair into a high ponytail, making sure that the hair line is smoothed using a little serum," said Louise.Read more at:formal wear sydney

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